Marriage and Family

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Wacky Nancy the Popette

Yes, Wacky Nancy has spoken once again. This time, she is telling Archbishop Cordileone that he should not speak in...

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You Can’t Handle The Truth


Well, hopefully you can, but I know about 75 people who just sent a letter to a Catholic Archbishop, who...

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Don Jones and the Church of Dolphin

Professional NFL player Don Jones has been shut down to protect the world from his systematic, calculated, message of hate....

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Bishop Robinson and the American Dream Pt. IV

What should the Christian world do about all of this? By “this”, I mean books, articles, websites, activists and college...

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Episcopal Bishop Eugene Robinson Pt. III

The rest of the Top 20 flaws in Bishop Robinson’s book. 11. Bishop Robinson says it is wrong to teach...

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Episcopal Bishop Eugene Robinson Pt. II (The Top 10)

Before I start on the book critique, I want to first promote a little thought: There is a significant difference...

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Nation’s 1st Homosexual Bishop Announces His Divorce Pt.1

Before I get started I need to point out a few Acronyms: SSM = Same Sex Marriage, SSA = Same...

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Progressive Destruction

According to an April 23, 2014, article by Washington Post reporter, Ed O’Keefe, there is growing momentum in the Republican...

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Corporate Religion and Activist Hypocrisy

Can a corporation have a religion?  This is one of the key issues in the recent Hobby Lobby case which is...

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