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The Irrational Age

Someday people will look back at this time in history and shake their heads in disbelief. They will wonder how so many people could think that:

  • abortion is acceptable, 
  • that gender is severable from sex, 
  • that boys should be allowed to compete against girls in high school and college athletic events in which things like speed, strength, and height, are distinct advantages, 
  • that a person should be categorized based on the color of their skin,
  • that the best way to deal with drug addiction and drug use, is to legalize it.

These are just some of the irrational things many Americans believe today. The good news is that there are many Americans who don’t believe these things. However, it seems like nearly half of Americans lean toward these beliefs, while the other half lean away. Does this mean these things are true or false? No. It means that the most educated, most informed, and most affluent civilization in history, is so overwhelmed with information, ideas, opinions, and other distractions, that we cannot take time to think about the insanity of these beliefs. 

Yet the time will come when people can once again comprehend that a male is a male and a female is a female, and no amount of desire, hormone treatment, medical procedures, or self-deception, can change that. 

The British National Health Service (NHS) recently took a step in the right direction in this regard. Apparently, someone in the NHS was no longer comfortable affirming the gender dysphoric confusion of adolescents and convinced others in NHS leadership that a scientific and rational approach was the proper way to deal with gender dysphoria. 

Gender dysphoria is a recognized psychological condition in which a person feels that they are not the gender of their biological sex. In such a case, a young boy might say that he seems to like things that girls like, and may even “feel” like a girl. It is confusing for a young person to go through thoughts like this, but it isn’t rare. In fact, many young people go through periods of confusion, discomfort, and feelings of not fitting in. For a long time, we called this puberty, and we assured adolescents that they would grow out of it and go on to lead a happy life. Most did. Then, a few decades ago, some began telling these children that they must be transgender and that they needed to express themselves and live their true identity. This was radical and rare at first, but in recent years, it has become very common, and even though science and medicine did not show that affirming an adolescent’s gender confusion was healthy or beneficial, they kept affirming anyway. Sometimes people would point out that most children who suffer from gender dysphoria outgrow the confusion by the time they are an adult, advocates of “gender affirming therapy” refused to listen. 

Advocates of gender affirming therapy then began taking their ideas to much more extreme levels. They advocated for the use of hormone blockers at younger and younger ages. Some people arrange for hormone blockers for their very own children. 

In the U.S., there has been a strong push in the opposite direction of the NHS. Instead of following the science and admitting that in most cases, childhood gender dysphoria does not persist into adulthood, the U.S. policy is aggressively affirming of gender confusion. Many advocates even push for hormone blockers and surgery at younger and younger ages. Recently, the Boston Children’s Hospital posted a video in which one of their radical physicians claimed that some children know they are transgender before they are born. While one might think this would create a surge in LGBT pro-life advocates, that didn’t happen. This is probably because even the people making the claim don’t actually believe it. The hospital eventually removed the video from its website, likely because they realized it went a little too far, too soon. They will likely try to lay down more propaganda, preparing the public to be more accepting of the lie before they try to publish something similar again. 

In the video, Dr. Kerry McGregor claimed that some children express their gender identity as soon as they can talk. I doubt it would surprise anyone to learn that young children are extremely impressionable, and that if they are taught to be confused at a very early age, they will be confused. 

Who would be so twisted to teach confusion at the earliest days of life? Apparently, a lot of people. There are many stories of parents grooming their own child’s confusion, as well as activists who demand that LGBT and gender ideology become part of public-school curriculum as early as Kindergarten. When Florida passed a bill prohibiting the grooming in schools, activists twisted the law’s words and intent in order to paint it as a hateful “don’t say gay” law. Yet, that isn’t what the Florida law is. The law simply allows children to grow up without having to be filled with propaganda which is way to advanced for their age, and which causes confusion and often behavioral changes long before the child even thinks about sex, attractions, or anything other than simply growing up.

Even as England appears to be waking up to the reality of science, President Biden continues to ignore science even though he promised to follow science. He sat down with a gender activist and regurgitated the LGBT propaganda he has been consuming for far too long in saying that there should be no prohibition on surgeries or hormone blockers.  

In many jurisdictions in the U.S., it is illegal to offer counseling to young children who want to overcome their gender dysphoria. The only legal therapy is gender affirming therapy. In other words, they only want a transgender outcome even though in most cases, the child grows out of their gender dysphoria by the time they are an adult. If a counselor offers therapy to overcome gender dysphoria, they can lose their license to practice in that jurisdiction and in some cases, they can even be fined. At one point, this type of law was even introduced in the Nebraska Legislature. That bill was extremely controversial because it not only threatened the license of the counselor, it even proposed that the parents were subject to a criminal penalty for child abuse if they took their child to a therapist for purposes of overcoming gender dysphoria. The radical senator who introduced the bill withdrew it shortly after it was obvious that it would be eviscerated in committee hearings. However, as we have seen time and time again, the efforts keep coming back each year, waiting for that moment when enough people are tired of fighting the good fight, and then it gets passed into law. One of the sponsors of that ridiculous and ill-fated bill, Tony Vargas, is now running Congress in Nebraska. 

Someday, this will all be a weird and sad piece of history. Many lives will be wounded and broken by people who want to live in a fantasy world instead of living in reality. Hopefully the lessons we are learning now, will bring this to an end sooner, so our children can grow up in a sane world. 

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