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A Young Progressive Writes The Governor

Progressives love their young understudies, don’t they? I mean, the ones that survive the extremely risky period of time they spend in their mother’s womb. But those that actually escape the abortion mill and reach their early 20’s have the opportunity to become the darling of the airwaves as long as they parrot the mindless garbage that their aging predecessors have spewed out over the past 40-50 years.

The progressive teens and twentysomethings have it easy. They do not have to think for themselves. In fact, thinking is frowned on by progressives. Thinking only causes the young minds to start making changes to the script that has been so carefully developed by the aging progressives who are getting ready to die off and spin off into wherever it is that dead progressives go after they die. And if the young progressives start thinking, they will probably see how many errors there are in that script. Then they will throw the whole thing out and think for themselves and end up being normal people who use their intellect and reason. That scares progressives to death, and really makes them react with fear-stoked rage.

Recently, a young progressive wrote an open letter to Nebraska’s Governor, Pete Ricketts, regarding the state’s appeal of Judge Bataillon’s order, declaring Nebraska’s defense of marriage law, unconstitutional. The young progressive’s letter is very poorly conceived, so I could write thousands of words, picking it apart. But knowing that you don’t have time to read all of that, I’ll focus on one extremely flawed argument the young progressive offers.

He says, ““Finally, and perhaps most importantly, a 2013 Omaha World-Herald poll found that 54% of Nebraskans support some form of legal recognition for same-sex couples, with 32% saying they support marriage and an additional 22% saying they support civil union. To imply, as I believe you have, that public opinion is the same as it was in 2000 is, with all due respect, shortsighted.”

The young progressive fails to recognize (due to his reluctance to go off-script), that only 32% of that particular poll, supported gay marriage. I won’t go into the fact that he’s citing a newspaper poll, which are about as scientific as standing on a street corner with a sign that reads, “honk if you like polar bears” (I saw one of those signs last week and couldn’t help wondering if they taste like fish or seals).

But in this young progressive’s mind (dimmed as it is), he thought this was a victory for the LGBT advocates in Nebraska. He overlooked the fact that the poll (as inaccurate as it probably was), basically mirrors the popular vote on the constitutional amendment, back in the year 2000 in which a little over 70% of Nebraskans did not favor gay marriage. If you look at the World Herald poll as any indication on whether or not Nebraskans are more supportive of gay marriage today, than we were in 2000, you would actually see that we are no more supportive now.

Nebraskans still overwhelmingly believe that marriage is something that is reserved to relationships consisting of one man and one woman. Equality works well when it is consistent with reality. But Nebraskans know (70% of us anyway) that the best interests of children are best met, when they are raised by their natural parents. As a society, we should do everything we can to help children grow up in a loving home with their natural mother and natural father. We should also reject anything and everything that threatens that relationship.

The young progressive that wrote his ridiculous open letter to the Governor may wish things were different, but he will just have to accept the fact that wishing does not equate to reality. I guess that is just another example where equality will never work.

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