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The Gay Marriage Quiz Answers

The fact that you are looking at this post means that you probably took my little quiz. Great. Here are the answers with their sources.

1. Nationwide, the average is 3.4%. Nebraska is at 2.7% and Washington D.C. is at 10%. You can see the sources here and here.
2. About 50% of homosexuals are interested in entering into a same-sex marriage someday. A high number of people in the LGBT community feel that the LGBT lobby and activists have been putting too much emphasis on legalization of gay marriage.
3. Less stable. There are many reasons that could contribute to a higher divorce rate for gay marriages and a shorter duration for same-sex relationships, but the main point is that it is dishonest to claim that gay marriages will be more stable than traditional marriages. For more information, look here, here and here.
4. False. Although there have been numerous attempts to prove the existence of the so called “gay gene”, the most scientists and doctors can say is that there appear to be a number of factors that lead a person to identifying as homosexual or same-sex attracted. Therefore, the claim that a person is, “born this way”, may or not be true, so it is up to each individual to decide what they believe on the issue and it is wrong for anyone to demand that everyone accept that people are born gay. For more information, look under the FAQ “What causes a person to have a particular sexual orientation?”
5. The decision was made in 1973 after extensive pressure from the LGBT activists and lobbyists, and without scientific evidence. The wording in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) was officially changed in 1974.
6. Little to none. Every credible source on the issue admits that the change was not due to new medical or scientific evidence, but due to significant pressure and manipulation.
7. False. The aim is to help persons with same-sex attractions develop a life of interior chastity in union with Jesus Christ. If a person wishes to explore reparative therapy, they can do so, but those who do not wish to try it have no obligation to do so, nor in such a case is there any expectation or encouragement to try it.
8. Between 8-20, depending on the circumstances each person faces. While the study references AIDS as a primary cause for the shortened life expectancy, there are a large number of health risks faced by people in the LGBT lifestyle that clearly show the high level of risk for anyone involved in the LGBT lifestyle.
9. True. As stated in the answer to #8, the lifestyle choices that are commonly made by people who are active in the LGBT lifestyle result in several health risks, some of which are not resolved by things like acceptance, happiness, better health care, insurance coverage or higher income. For instance, a homosexual male will have an extremely high risk for rectal cancer, HPV or oral/throat cancer, no matter how tolerant or accepting society is.
10. B – The opinion of the majority of society as reported by the media. The mainstream media is highly supportive of the homosexual lifestyle. Therefore, anyone who gets their education on marriage, family, health, etc…, from the larger television networks, major newspapers and other large national news sources, will end up with a skewed and biased understanding of these issues. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Americans do not read books or check the sources that lead to the stories published by the mainstream media in order to see how the facts are often misinterpreted or selectively chosen in order to persuade viewers, listeners and readers to favor a progressive liberal agenda and reject reason.

You may be asking: “What is the purpose of such a quiz?” The purpose of the quiz is to help you realize that you didn’t know many or most of the answers to the 10 simple questions I posed. Yet, prior to taking the quiz, you had an opinion as to whether same-sex marriage and discrimination laws should or should not be “on the books”. How can you have an opinion on something you know so little about?

Maybe you didn’t have an opinion yet, and if that is so, I kind of congratulate you, but not really. It is good that you were not looking at the issues with a “hunch”, but it is not good that you had not taken the time to learn about one of the most important issues in American society today.

I am hopeful that this quiz as well as the answers and sources show you that there are a multitude of factors that show that homosexual behavior is contrary to the best interests of everyone.

If you are a parent, family member or close friend to someone who is gay or has recently told you that they are gay or have same-sex attraction, you need to think deeply about the best interest of the person you love. It is not in their physical, emotional or spiritual, best interest to engage in homosexual behavior so you would be causing them extreme harm by leading them to believe that you support such behavior. They need your love, they need your affection and they need your understanding, but they do not need encouragement to simply follow their feelings.

Unfortunately, because our society is currently so concerned about “homophobia”, hate and bigotry, there are very few options for help in coping with unwanted same-sex attraction in a healthy and beneficial way. One of the few options is Courage, the Catholic Church’s apostolate which reaches out to people with unwanted same-sex attraction. Therefore, whether you are Catholic or not and whether or not your same-sex attracted loved one is Catholic, this may be the only option in your area. You should do all you can to try and get your loved one to contact Courage.

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