Rules for posting comments:

  1. I’m going to review all comments before they appear beneath my blogs.  I’m not going to allow any comments that are unfair, dishonest, vulgar, rude, etc…  Nor will I allow any comment that tries to argue with my blog through the use of fallacy (which is probably covered under the unfair and dishonest reference, but I wanted to be certain you realize that fallacious argument is just evidence that you know you are wrong).
  2. If I allow your post to go through and then ask you a question, it must be answered as clearly and concisely as possible.  If you fail to do so, I will probably delete your earlier post unless it is so obviously ludicrous that anyone who can read will see it for the garbage it is.
  3. If part of your proposed post has merit but it contains other statements that are unfair, rude, dishonest, vulgar, etc…, I will probably tell you to give it another shot without as much attitude.  You can edit it yourself or you can give up.
  4. Avoid vulgar language and name calling.  Use of “hater”, “bigot”, “fool”, “jerk”, etc…   I already know you think I am all of these things, so typing these things over and over again, just pollutes cyberspace with your own distorted and inaccurate thoughts.  You must be respectful, courteous and polite.
  5. Use of emotional arguments or typing that you are hurt or insulted is not allowed.  My blogs are certain to cause emotions to boil up.  If you can’t deal with your emotions, you should not open your heart for all the world to view.   I presume you are offended pretty much the whole time anyway, so again, stating the obvious just wastes time.  If you foolishly point out that you are insulted or make the insanely ridiculous charge that you “have never been so insulted in all your life”, you are exaggerating and your post will not get onto my website.  I’ll probably tell you to give it another shot if I think you are capable of making a logical point.
  6. You must not misstate something I have written.  If you wish to use part of an earlier post, you must use an exact quote and make certain you don’t add anything to make the statement appear like something it was not.  In other words, keep things in context or your comment won’t make it onto my website.
  7. Agreeing to disagree is not acceptable.  If you don’t agree with me, one of us is wrong but it is up to each individual reader to determine that on a personal basis.  If you post that “we will just have to agree to disagree”, it is an automatic declaration that you admit that I am right.  However, I reserve the right to later admit that I was wrong if I learn new information that proves I was wrong.
  8. If your post is a blatant attempt to make me feel smart, wise, uniquely gifted, generous, etc… your comment may show up at the top of the comments regardless of when you posted it.  You may also receive an opportunity to purchase a t-shirt from me with the following message:  “Bob Sullivan is smart.  His blog is the best”.   You may also receive calls from my prospective employers, companies that do intensive background checks and the committees that award honors such as the Pulitzer Prize, Grammies, Nobel Peace Prize, Sexiest Blogger of the Century, etc… at all hours of the day or night.