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Ever-changing Covid Rules

Just when I thought the experts could not stay on pace with their earlier record of mistakes, misstatements, and head-scratching retractions, I begin to see things which indicate this is a marathon, not a sprint. Over the past few weeks, we have been told that the vaccines work, even against the more contagious Delta Variant of Covid. Then the CDC runs a study on a Massachusetts outbreak and finds that ¾ of the people who were diagnosed with Covid had been fully vaccinated. That’s a head-scratcher.

For months, we have been told that the masks are there to prevent you from infecting others, not to protect yourself. Therefore, if you don’t like wearing a mask, get vaccinated. Now we are informed that even those who are fully vaccinated carry and spread the virus. So, back on with those masks! That’s a head-scratcher.

Since early 2020, we have been told that masks and social distancing are effective to slow the spread, flatten the curve, and save lives. Now we are learning that the virus has been so unpredictable and erratic, experts are now saying that human behavior and precautions appear to have had little or no discernable effect on the spread of Covid in many locations. Yep. Another head-scratcher.

We have been told that the vaccines are much safer than remaining unvaccinated and taking the risk of being infected with Covid. Yet social media giants are censoring critics of the vaccine, and doctors and vaccine developers who are urging caution about the vaccine are routinely labeled as fanatics and quacks. Experts who encourage the Covid vaccine routinely discourage the use of ivermectin and other drugs which some physicians believe have saved lives and decreased the severity of Covid in their patients. So we are told to follow the science, listen to the experts, and take the advice of doctors – unless they don’t agree with the Dr. Fauci narrative. In that case, we are only supposed to follow some of the science, listen to certain experts, and ignore many doctors. Instead of scratching your head on this one, I suggest rubbing your chin. Otherwise, you are going to develop a bald spot, which they will consider a symptom of Covid and put you on a ventilator.

Speaking of that, remember when we needed to flatten the curve in order to make sure there were enough ventilators available for Covid patients, then we learned that some of the Covid patients’ deaths were blamed on being placed on a ventilator? Or how about when we were told that the elderly were at high risk of death from Covid, then New York’s Governor, Mario Cuomo, ordered that Covid patients be treated in nursing homes which are fairly well-known to house elderly people?

As early as today, news reports tell us that those vaccinated have a 90% chance of avoiding hospitalization or death if they suffer a “breakthrough” infection. Really? I’m sure there is an explanation here I’m missing, but over 98% of unvaccinated Americans survived their Covid infection prior to the release of the unapproved emergency vaccinations. I hope I am wrong, because if I’m not, you have a higher chance of hospitalization or death if you have been vaccinated. That is a head-scratcher and a chin rubber!

And for anyone who thinks for one second, that any of this is necessary to protect children (which more than a few unfortunate people actually believe), I’ve already written about that canard.

Yet people are not only blaming the unvaccinated for the most recent uptick in Covid infections, they are calling the unvaccinated selfish, unamerican, anti-life, etc., and are ready to ban the unvaccinated from public places, including their place of work. Certainly that could never happen. Something very similar happened in the late 1930’s, but we learned from that mistake, right? Plus, this is America, the land of the free and the home of the BRAVE! We would never let fear cripple us to the point where we take away a person’s freedom simply because of a disagreement over something which apparently has no answers. That would be insane.

The Coronavirus is undoubtedly real. However, it may have been created or modified by a laboratory which is located in a country known to be very hostile to the United States and the American way of life. It is possible that that same lab received significant funding from funding sources which are very “friendly” to Dr. Fauci (the face of the pandemic defense squad I the U.S.), and the pharmaceutical companies who have developed their vaccines at unbelievable speeds, are raking in enormous profits while everyone in the U.S., including the experts themselves, are busy guessing what may happen next, and why the last prediction was totally wrong. Did I mention that Bill Gates, who has spent decades trying to reduce the population of the planet, seems very involved and central to this entire mess. By the way, Gates’ ideas are shockingly similar to another person who was very concerned about overpopulation, Margaret Sanger.

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