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Calling For Open Dialogue on Covid

Did you see the Mt. Vernon school board testimony of Dr. Dan Stock? If you are suspicious of Dr. Fauci, the Chinese government, and the radical leftist progressives (all of which you should be very suspicious), I bet you have, and I bet you liked it. But how much does Dr. Stock know? Where can you look for a reasonable critique of his testimony?

In looking for accurate and unbiased information on Covid-19, I have stumbled across a doctor named Zubin Damania. Dr. Damania publishes a podcast on a regular basis, in which he discusses all things Coronavirus. Sometimes he is on his own and sometimes he has guests. Of all the “commentators” on Coronavirus, I have found him to be about the most reliable. I would put Dr. Fauci, the CDC, and many local health department directors on one side of the spectrum (let’s say, far to the left), and I’d put Cousin Eddie, who says Coronavirus is nothing but a hoax on the other end of the spectrum (for purposes of visualizing the spectrum, Cousin Eddie and his Winnebago are on the far-right side of the spectrum). Much closer to the middle, maybe in the dead center or somewhat (but not terribly) to the left is Dr. Damania (a/k/a ZDoggMD). That being said, if ZDoggMD says some wild things in the future, I’ll reassess his position on the spectrum. However, I don’t see him sliding as far over as Fauci and company.

I don’t agree with everything he and his guests say, but after watching a few of his podcasts, I would give him a score of “reasonably reliable most of the time”. He does get a little snarky at times, and can be a little annoying, which I don’t like, but I’m no better, so I have to give him a full pass on that. I like the fact that he is willing to admit that some of the claims of the “experts” are not as solid or verifiable as they try and lead us to believe. In fact, he and I agree on a number of things, such as:
1. School children should not be required (or even encouraged) to wear masks.
2. School students should not be tested for the virus.
3. This virus is here to stay, so we had better just accept it instead of live under the delusion that we will somehow eradicate it.
4. This virus is highly unpredictable and often seems to defy human efforts to diminish its impact on the population.
5. There is likely only one mask that truly helps reduce the spread of the virus and that is the N95, which very few people possess, use properly, replace frequently enough, use at all times, etc…
6. Natural immunity (once you have been infected and have recovered) is highly effective against the virus.
7. If you have already had Coronavirus, you do not need to go out and receive the vaccine.
8. We may soon see an unexplainable drop in the number of Delta variants of the virus such as England and India experienced.

He is a huge advocate for the vaccinations, and it is going to be a long time before I’ll agree that the vaccines are moral, safe, AND effective (I currently tend to think they are effective. It is the safe and moral aspect which concern me), so that is where we disagree for the time being. However, I think we both agree that people should not be persecuted because they are vaccinated, or because they are not vaccinated. So, where he recommends vaccination for most people (not children), I recommend caution for most people under the age of 65, and my caution increases the younger you are. He and I also disagree on the proposition that there are effective treatments for Covid. I think there is some evidence that sometimes certain drugs work, but I agree that there are times when the drugs don’t seem to work. Recall that he admits that the virus is highly unpredictable? Yeah, I think that goes for the spread, the lack of spread at times, and the treatment.

He just critiqued the Mt. Vernon school board testimony of Dr. Dan Stock, and although he disagreed with Dr. Stock on some things, the agreed with him on some very important parts of Dr. Stock’s testimony. I found it unfortunate that instead of explaining exactly where Dr. Stock was wrong on a few things, he did not offer the basis for his disagreement or provide any sources. That makes me question just how strongly he thinks Dr. Stock is wrong on the effectiveness of the vaccine.

So, on this spectrum of covid “experts”, I would put Dr. Stock closer to the center than Cousin Eddie, a lot closer to the center. Maybe a little to the right and not too far off of center compared to ZDoggMD. I’d like to hear more from Dr. Stock, so I hope he isn’t censored out of existence.

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