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Dear Houston Methodist

I’m aware that this is probably going to fall on deaf ears, but I send this anyway, because it is apparent that many people are trying to live in a pandemic echo chamber. Therefore, I encourage you to read this and to also think about it. I encourage all employers and government officials to read this. And I welcome comments as well.

The Covid vaccines were originally touted to prevent infection. Houston Methodist Hospital’s spokesperson, Stefanie Asin, would benefit from knowing this fact instead of claiming it wasn’t the case in a recent comment to a reporter with Epoch Times.

As health officials realized that many Americans were reluctant to undergo a medical procedure they didn’t want and could not undo (the jab), many employers and government officials began encouraging or enacting mandates, claiming that everyone needed to be vaccinated because people had a responsibility to their neighbors. Everyone was supposed to get the vaccine for the greater good. Personal beliefs and concerns were to be suppressed. After a large portion of the population received the vaccines, it became obvious that the vaccines were less than effective at preventing reinfection and spread. On January 10, 2022, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky stated that Covid-19 vaccines were no longer effective at preventing transmission of the virus. At that time, the message was reworked to state that the vaccine decreased the severity of symptoms, thereby saving lives and decreasing hospitalizations and the strain on the health profession. I suspect the science behind this claim has its flaws and inconsistencies, otherwise Dr. Fauci would have offered this evidence when he recently said that he felt “confident that it made a major role in protecting [him] from progressing to severe disease”. However, I’m willing to accept it as at least fairly likely because natural immunity works that way as well.

That being said, if vaccine mandates were originally based on the mistaken belief that a person’s vaccination protected their neighbor, shouldn’t the mandates be lifted now that we know this isn’t true?

If the new message is true, the choice to receive the vaccine should be similar to a person’s choice to eat healthy, exercise, and avoid stress in their life. We don’t mandate that anyone, including our employees have to make other health decisions in order to earn an income, travel, or enter certain public accommodations.

Maybe the strain on the health profession remains the last persuasive reason as to why someone could be required to receive the vaccine. If so, that could be resolved by lifting the vaccine mandate so thousands of doctors and nurses could return to the work force, including hospital and nursing home care. Many employers throughout all industries would benefit by relaxing their vaccine mandates.

Why do people keep insisting that vaccination is so essential when the science continues to prove that vaccination may reduce the severity of symptoms, but so does natural immunity, and so does the use of therapeutics shortly after infection? On top of this, the newer strains or mutations of Covid are becoming more adept at getting around vaccination immunity, while also showing less severe symptoms.

And why do we keep hearing medical professionals and pseudo medical professionals praising the fact that the vaccines are now available for younger and younger people when young people are at nearly no risk of death or serious illness from Covid?

I will tell you that most people don’t like to be told lies. When people discover that someone or some institution has been lying, they stop trusting that person and/or that institution. Well, most of us know that many “experts” have been lying about many aspects of Covid. It wasn’t as deadly as the “experts” originally claimed. The health measures were totally ineffective at preventing the spread of covid, but they were extremely effective at setting up the oncoming economic depression, the personal emotional depression of millions of people, short term economic hardship which shut down thousands of small businesses (if not hundreds of thousands), literacy of children was paused, increasing drug and alcohol abuse, increasing suicides, increasing death in general as reported by major life insurance firms, and many other terribly destructive consequences.

Meanwhile, talk of natural immunity was shushed, and discussions of treatments including ivermectin were investigated by law enforcement. Doctors were threatened with losing their medical license if they called the status quo into question.

There have been serious questions about not only the effectiveness of the vaccines, masks, and other health directives over the past few years, there are known cases of complications from these things. For this reason, anyone who has dictated how others must behave or what others must undergo medically in order to prevent the spread of Covid, has committed a horrible crime against humanity. The fact is, no one knows how to prevent Covid from spreading now, any more than they knew in January, 2019. Well, maybe that’s going a bit too far. We certainly know what doesn’t work. Wiping down door handles, wearing most if not all types of masks, getting vaccinated, wearing tin foil hats, and wearing your underwear inside out… you guessed it, none of these things work to stop Covid.

The problem is, even today, people who are in positions of authority keep on pushing the ineffective infringements on personal liberty just as much as they did when the evidence was inconclusive. Now that the evidence is conclusively showing that these measures are ineffective, these people should stop being tyrants. They should simply follow the science and return to the land of reality.

We are all going to get Covid. I’ve had it twice. We are all going to die. A very minute percentage of us will die from Covid, and hardly any of those deaths would have been prevented by a mask, a decision to stay home, a vaccine, or a disinfected doorknob. They might die from an adverse reaction to the vaccine or a cancer or other disease caused by the vaccine, or some other side effect from a society which has been take over by people who worship safety and disease prevention as though it is a god or some sort of fountain of youth.

Therefore, instead of giving in to the tyranny of perfect health, which is fiction by the way, you would be doing yourself and everyone else a huge favor by accepting reality.

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