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Chuck Hassebrook and Abortion: One Reason for Rickets in November


We are just about a month from the November 4, election, so I thought it was time for a little truth in the muck and mud of the media’s attempt to misinform the voters.

I’ve learned that a lot of people are not aware of Hassebrook’s admiration of abortion, so I felt compelled to help inform people that he is not qualified to be the next Governor of Nebraska.

Nebraska has a long history of being a very difficult state for abortion giants like Planned Parenthood and the infamous Leroy Carhart. Our legislature has passed some of the most stringent laws in the country, in an effort to protect the unborn.  Our lawmakers can do better, but nonetheless, we have the reputation as being highly Pro Life in Nebraska.  We are regarded as one of the top Pro Life states in the country and there are fewer abortions per capita performed in Nebraska than most other states.

One thing can quickly halt the Pro Life progress in Nebraska and actually turn us into an abortion haven, is the election of Chuck Hassebrook. If Hassebrook is elected as our next Governor, he will cause four years of erosion of our Pro Life victories. This erosion will not occur if Nebraska voters choose Ricketts/Foley. Pete Rickets and Mike Foley are strong supporters of life and if Pete Ricketts is voted in to the Governor’s office in November, our state will see more growth in our Pro Life heritage. If Pete Ricketts is our next Governor, the long standing Nebraska values of family, life, education, work ethic and faith, will be able to withstand the onslaught of selfishness and moral decay that is attacking our families and our country in many other states.

Why is it easy to see the wisdom in voting for Pete Ricketts? You don’t have to look very deeply into Hassebrook’s campaign to see that he thinks abortion is simply fantastic. When he was endorsed by Planned Parenthood Voters of Nebraska last November, (see the article here: Lincoln Journal Star Nov. 7, 2013) he embraced the endorsement, stating that he was impressed by Planned Parenthood’s efforts to, “provide education and health and family planning services to communities all across the state”. See? He even talks the vague and careful talk of the abortion cheerleaders. He doesn’t want to admit that Planned Parenthood isn’t about education and health services. You won’t hear him admit that Planned Parenthood is primarily about abortions and the money they make off of abortions.

But in addition to the endorsement from the abortion group, he has also raked in over $350,000 from Nebraskans who are enthusiastic supporters of abortion. And with donations from people like Warren Buffet, Diana Lozier, Richard Holland, Barb Weitz, Karen Amen, Carol Hahn and Carol Russell, he is well-funded and can put a deceptive shine on his embrace of death.

If he were elected Governor, Hassebrook would work to change Nebraska’s laws to make it easier for abortion clinics to operate in Nebraska. That will mean more abortions and likely, more abortion clinics. We may even attract someone like Kermit Gosnell and play host to our very own charnel house. Even if an epic freak like Gosnell doesn’t roll into Nebraska, Leroy Carhart is already here.  He may appreciate the opportunity to start advertising partial-birth abortions or even begin offering infanticide to parents who want to see the baby before they decide to kill their little son our daughter.

Could we see this in Nebraska? Only if someone like Chuck Hassebrook gets elected. I can’t imagine that Chuck agrees with the famous atheist Richard Dawkins on the “compassionate” abortion of babies diagnosed with Down Syndrome, but the changes and messages he would favor, would support the weakening of our laws, paving the way for this type of euthanasia down the road.

With over $350,000 from abortion advocates in his coffers already, he should expect to see a large amount of donations from other abortion cheerleaders before the November 4, election.

What about the agricultural sector you ask? You may think Hassebrook is the stronger agricultural supporter, but you would be sadly mistaken if that is your impression. Every elected official in Nebraska knows that our farmers and ranchers are the backbone of the state. This is probably one of the reasons we have always been such a strong Pro Life state as Pro Life is Pro Family and it takes a strong family to be a good farmer or rancher. Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry are very anti-family and are therefore, anti-agriculture. Hassebrook can continue to claim he is the friend of the family farm and family ranch, but his words don’t match his beliefs.  We’ve already experienced such duplicity in President Obama and his supporters.

Actions speak louder than words, and if you want to know whether a politician is a friend of the agricultural sector, look at their stance on life. Nebraska’s proud and impressive agricultural history is built on family, not on abortion.

All I can say is, don’t be fooled. A vote for Chuck Hassebrook is a vote against Nebraska, family values and the Christian ideals that have made this state a great state.  Unless you vote for Pete Ricketts on November 4, you are taking a strong stand for abortion and the continued degradation of the family.

Pete Ricketts is the right choice for Nebraska.


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2 thoughts on “Chuck Hassebrook and Abortion: One Reason for Rickets in November

  1. Thanks Bob for saying it so clearly! Loving life is loving all humanity and love is an action word! Let us all act by choosing PRO LIFE duo of Pete and Mike!
    Go BOB! God bless your work to save our families and taking action to speak the truth!

  2. Hassebrook is leading us to a precipice which could be deadly for the State of Nebraska. May God have mercy and may we Sheep follow the Shepherd away from this man and other candidates such as Domina who speak evil and untruth!
    Thanks for your time and efforts, Bob!

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