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10 Things To Know About Dave Domina

Dave Domina is asking you to vote for him instead of Republican Ben Sasse on November 5, 2014. In order for you to make your informed decision, there are some things you should know about Dave Domina. After reading Domina’s true beliefs about marriage, family, life and education, you will see that Ben Sasse is clearly the better choice. Here are 10 things you need to know about Dave Domina:

  1. Domina believes that the government should have the ability to force your child or grandchild to a government mandated curriculum in school even if a topic contradicts the parents’ deeply held religious, ethical or moral beliefs.
  2. Domina wants schools to teach your 5yr old child or grandchild about cross dressing, homosexual relationships, gender fluidity and same-sex marriage. He believes this education should begin as early as preschool and continue for the duration of their years in primary education.
  3. He wants you to learn to accept and tolerate homosexual behavior. If you disagree, he wants you to be forced to accept and tolerate it.
  4. Domina wants the state of Nebraska to redefine marriage to allow same-sex couples to marry. This is in spite of the fact that Nebraskans already voted against changing the definition of marriage 14 years ago. In that ballot issue, Nebraska voters overwhelmingly agreed (70% is a landslide) to amended the Nebraska Constitution to make it unconstitutional for the state to redefine marriage. Domina believes the minority (who lost that vote by a huge margin) gets to make the decision.  Domina has pledged to fight to see that the Marriage Equality Act introduced in Congress (which is very anti-family) is enacted.
  5. Domina wants to give same-sex couples the right to adopt children.  There is currenlty, nor has there ever been, a shortage of married couples (the one man and one woman type), on adoption waiting lists.
  6. Domina likes abortion. He feels that killing a child is a healthcare decision that is solely up to the mother, without any restriction whatsoever. You have to read and listen to what he says to catch all of this though. The clearest he will get in writing is that he is against, “Intervention by big government into the individual lives of women in an effort to limit their own decision-making and choices about their bodies, health, and physical circumstances. This includes decisions about reproductive issues.” In other words, he believes that a woman’s right to kill her own child is a fundamental right which trumps the right of the child, the child’s father, the child’s siblings and the rest of society. Domina is pro abortion.  He usually just dodges the issue, claiming that it isn’t important in this election.  Apparently, he means it isn’t important to him.
  7. Domina is a strong supporter of Obamacare, which we now know, uses taxpayer money to fund abortions (which has long been prohibited by federal law).
  8. Domina does not believe in freedom of religion in the same way the founders of our country intended. Instead, he believes in stronger government regulation of religion and religious practices. This is a tough distinction to recognize, but it is revealed when a person describes it as a freedom to “worship” and/or suggests that there is a separation of church and state which somehow gives the government an ability (no matter how small) to regulate or supervise religion. Domina and the others who use the word “worship” instead of religion, believe that religion is meant to be constrained to the four walls of a church or a home, but should not be practiced in such a way that it is visible in the public square. If you wear a religious symbol or mention God inside your church or your home, you are okay, but if you do it in public, you are offending others and Domina wants to restrict your ability to do that. Domina fails to recognize that the First Amendment is in place to keep the government out of religion, not to keep religion out of the public eye.
  9. Domina wants more laws and he wants many of these laws to regulate how we think, believe and feel. I am sure he has other plans in addition to those he’s revealed so far, but for starters, he wants laws that inflict penalties for offending the feelings of the LGBT community. This is where it is important to understand the term “gender”. I used to think a person’s gender was their sex (as in male or female). But that isn’t the way Domina and the other relativistic progressives define the word gender. A person’s sex is determined biologically, but the new relativistic way of looking at equality likes to ignore a person’s sex and claim that “gender” is the key to everything. To Domina, “gender” and feelings are one in the same. The feelings may change from day to day due to a phenomenon called “gender fluidity”, which means that John may feel like a female on Monday, but on Tuesday, he may feel like one of the guys again, so we have to keep track of the various changes so as not to offend (discriminate against) John. How will John feel on Wednesday? Nobody knows, but as long as you adhere to strict politically correct speech, you should be able to avoid offending him.
    Domina says, “We must take proactive steps, and express proactive positions, to overcome hatred and discrimination. These steps include, at long last, a universal Declaration of Equal Legal Protection.”
    That’s right. Domina (a fellow lawyer) wants the government to impose more laws on us, so that we learn to obey. And if one of us fails to live up to the letter of the law, Domina wants us to be sued, charged with a hate crime or regulated out of business.
    But surely he doesn’t mean that Nebraskans must place their religious beliefs in a role that is subservient to the letter of the law, does he? I mean, there would be some sort of religious exemption that would allow a Christian business owner the right to decline to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding celebration, right? Actually no. Domina specifically says that, “Religious-based discrimination against anyone must be prohibited.”
    So all those lawsuits that we have read about in the past year involving family owned bakeries, photographers, B&B owners, etc… That could happen right here in Good Ol’ Nebraska? The answer is yes. If Domina is elected into power, small family businesses will be at the mercy of the State in order to protect the feelings of less than 4% of Nebraska’s population.
  10. Domina in not content with simply imposing new laws on Nebraskans, he also wants to cause a fundamental change to the way Nebraskans understand marriage and family.  He wants to change the way we think and believe.  In spite of the fact that it has long been known that the best environment for any child is to live in his or her home with his or her married biological mother and biological father, Domina wants to have us believe there are new and better ways available.

How does Domina plan to achieve all of this? He wants to make sure all Americans (including Nebraskans) are “educated” thorugh Project One America, which I will simply abbreviate as POA. Domina wants POA to come to Nebraska because he thinks that POA will be extremely effective in changing the way Nebraskans think and believe. Unless we recognize the dangerous evil of POA, it will be effective.

You may not know much about POA, but I have done some research in it and it is totally contrary to everything the majority of Nebraskans have stood for since the buffalo roamed. But regardless of the desires of the vast majority of Nebraskans, Domina wants POA to educate all of us, especially our children and grandchildren, “at the earliest reasonable time”(see #14 on his list of priorities in this regard).  He believes it is essential that all young people learn that the LGBT agenda is good, fun and wise.”LGBT” is an acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trangender but it can be extended even further by adding in many other possible variations in acronyms such as, LGBTQQIP2SAA. But that is a blog for another day. I’ll just use LGBT for purposes of this blog. I also apologize for the other acronyms in this blog. It seems that when discussing these issues, we can cut the word count significantly by using acronyms.

Basically, POA is a marketing campaign developed and launched by the Human Rights Campaign, which I’ll abbreviate as HRC. HRC is the most aggressive and most well-funded lobbyist (propagandist) and activist the LGBT community has. When HRC moves into a state, they flood the airwaves with misleading information that is crafted to influence people to think the way the LGBT community wants you to think (such as this video). They lobby your political officials and lawmakers so that the laws reflect what the LGBT community wants, not what the rest of the population wants. HRC is extremely good at what they do, but their success is dependent on how knowledgeable the population is on the truth. If the population is unsure, apathetic or simply tries to avoid reading about, discussing or learning about how homosexual behavior is an assault on marriage and family, the HRC will be very effective at misleading the masses. However, if the population is given the truth about the destruction that homosexual behavior promises for marriage, family and society, and the population reads, discusses and learns the true facts, the HRC will pack up and limp out of town.

Although HRC is extremely good at promoting their misinformation, they often get caught in their own lies.  For instance, in the above linked video, a woman by the name of Joce admits that behavior can be a matter of nurture over nature, which is something the HRC disagrees with strongly.  The HRC says that people are born gay and that homosexual behavior is not a choice.  But in the video, Joce says that she began acting straight because she was pretending to be straight.

Later in the video (at 2:47), another LGBT advocate says something very interesting.  In speaking about the power of “coming out”, she states, “And it just takes one of their children to come out before ‘boom’, they’re right there with us”.   

Among all the propaganda, you can see the HRC’s agenda:  Get kids comfortable with homosexual behavior, get more and more of them to “come out” and boom, even the straight Americans tolerate the behavior. 

So Domina wants the HRC to handle the education of our children with regard to LGBT issues “at the earliest reasonable time”. The “earliest reasonable time” sounds pretty vague doesn’t it? Well, not to the HRC.

POA comes with an extensive website, resources and recommendations on making your child’s grade school, and your community as accepting and tolerant as it could ever hope to be. They even suggest books for Children younger than 6 years old, such as, And Tango Makes Three. This book tells the story of two famous dads — penguins Roy and Silo from New York’s Central Park Zoo. The two males take turns sitting on an egg until it hatches, and Tango is born. I doubt the book details how the surrogate female penguin signed the contract to provide the egg. Another book, Jacob’s New Dress is described as appropriate for Pre-K – 2nd grade. In this book, Jacob wants to wear a dress because he likes to play dress-up. Can he convince his parents to let him wear one to school? The book is described as helpful for the challenges faced by boys (and their families) who don’t identify with traditional gender roles.

Then there is, Mom & Mum Are Getting Married. This book tells the story of Rosie, a little girl who comes home from school one day to find out that her moms are getting married. At a small, simple ceremony, family, friends and fun come together for a celebration of love in a changing world. This is another book targeting pre-kindergarten aged children.

POA also helps teachers groom their students with tips such as:
• Help students expand their possibilities – academically, artistically, emotionally – and see that there are many ways to be a boy or a girl.
• Use inclusive phrases to address your class as a whole like “Good morning, everyone” or “Good morning, scholars” instead of “Good morning, boys and girls.” You could also choose and use a name for your class that brings to mind positive attributes – like the Dolphins or the Owls.
• Develop classroom messages that emphasize “All children can…” rather than “Boys don’t…, Girls don’t…” Increasingly put more emphasis on the inclusive term “children.”
• Review the books in your classroom to ensure inclusion of good role models. Read books that encourage discussion of gender assumptions.
• Be ready to support families whose children expand gender norms. Help parents/guardians see their child’s strengths – academic, artistic, athletic, dramatic or interpersonal.
• Reframe dress codes to describe what the school considers appropriate clothing without assigning clothing options to particular genders. For example, for a chorus concert, you could ask students to wear a white top and dark or black on the bottom.

They even have suggested lesson plans for teachers who want to promote the HRC agenda in the classroom. The lesson plan for The Great Big Book of Families is geared toward Kindergartners through 2nd graders. The book presents all sorts of families, including families with two dads and families with two moms. Interestingly, it leaves out stepparent families which far outnumber same-sex parents. But the most troubling aspect of the book is that it is targeted to the youngest school-aged kids.

Does Domina believe that anyone who disagrees with same-sex marriage advocacy needs to be reeducated? I don’t want to find out. You may remember the Oregon Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian who recently declared that an Oregon baker who refused to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple was wrong to stand on her religious belief. Don’t worry hey said, “The goal is never to shut down a business. The goal is to rehabilitate.” Rehabilitate? Reeducate? Either way, the state is in the business of forcing people to change the way they think. That sounds extreme to me. Maybe Stalin would disagree with me. Would Domina?

Nebraskans overwhelmingly agree that marriage, family, life and the parent’s role as primary educator of their child are essential and fundamental rights that must be protected against a relativistic, progressive and liberal attack. Dave Domina does not agree with the vast majority of Nebraskans on any of these issues. So why would we vote for him?

The answer is that we should not vote for him. When a politician advocates for something that is clearly opposed by the vast majority of voters, he’s not fit for office.

If you openly disagree with Mr. Domina, he and a few others will call you a hater and a bigot. So the best way to be heard on this issue is to simply vote for Ben Sasse. Let your vote do the talking and avoid all the intimidation that the LGBT advocates like to employ.

But don’t stop there. Do all you can to learn more about these issues.

Below are some suggestions for further information that will help you see the deception of the progressive and relativistic LGBT and abortion advocates.
Getting The Marriage Conversation Right, William B. May, Emmaus Road 2012.
Making Gay Okay: How Rationalizing Homosexual Behavior Is Changing Everything, Robert Reilly, Ignatius Press 2014.

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2 thoughts on “10 Things To Know About Dave Domina

  1. God’s rules are the only ones to be accepted to raise a generation of normal and healthy children. Gods law is
    “ONE MAN, ONE WOMAN”! That and only that is

  2. Let me tell you something. I was married with children before I realized I was gay. I always knew something was different about myself, but the pressure from the outside world – from people like you – forced my hand into a heterosexual marriage. We’re fine now; she’s moved on and so have I. But I raised my children primarily, due to extenuating circumstances. I later found a partner who helped me raise them. The point is, my son is now a full grown man with a wife and a daughter, with another baby on the way. They go to church on Sunday. He’s managed to work his way up to a fairly kooshy management position with a company, and his wife is a veterinarian. My daughter recently got engaged and is almost ready to take the BAR exam. So why don’t you tell me how my kids were affected by their upbringing? Why don’t you tell me what a piece of shit I am? There is not one thing wrong with my family, and pathetic losers such as yourself can’t tell me otherwise. You say the LGBT community has no business telling you how to live; well what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. You have NO business telling me how to live. And you’re an asinine jackwad for thinking you could or should. You’re no Christian, and it’s sad you would call yourself that. This article, much like the others I read, is full of lies and deception. Straw man arguments. If you say you don’t see that, then you’re either lying, or really fucking stupid. Take the stick out of your ass, be a true Christian, and stop bullying a whole group of people. You know who else did that? Hitler.

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