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Brad Ashford is a Bad Decision

Although Brad Ashford has been in politics for most of his life, you can’t predict where he’s going to fall on financial issues (he talks about saving money, but he commonly votes to spend instead). On the other hand, it is easy to predict where he will land regarding criminals and on social issues such as abortion, same-sex marriage, etc… He will always follow the emotional and destructive, far left. It is unfortunate that Nebraskans may actually elect this very un-Nebraskan politician in November. People really need to look at what Brad stands for. I say Brad stands for very little, but he sure is ready to follow bad decisionmakers.

Brad thinks Nebraskans don’t know how to parent our children.

Like Dave Domina, Brad doesn’t trust Nebraskan parents. Brad was a key player in a law that criminalizes a parents’ decision to keep sick children home from school. Because of one of Brad’s laws, you could find yourself under the thumb of law enforcement and the court system if your child misses school for something like mono or the stomach flu. Brad wants families to be closely regulated by the government instead of strengthening families. However, Brad’s belief in intrusive government oversight does not extend to convicted murderers. It is Brad’s failure to support laws that protect Nebraskans from convicted felons that has recently been the cause of some of the criticism against him. In fact it is Lee Terry who has been endorsed by the 2nd District law enforcement professionals. One example of this is Nebraska’s “good time” law.

Brad doesn’t see why violent criminals should receive different treatment than nonviolent criminals:

Under Nebraska law, a state prisoner can cut his or her sentence in half by simply following the rules in the prison. Even the most blood-thirsty killers qualify for “good time” in Nebraska. In the last legislative session, the Governor sent LB 832 to the Judiciary Committee (Chaired by Brad). It is the Judiciary Committee who had to decide whether or not the Bill would be considered by the entire Legislature of if it would “die” in committee. LB 832 proposed an amendment to the “good time” law, which made it more difficult for the most blood-thirsty killers in Nebraska prisons to receive “good time”. In essence, passage of LB 832 would have meant that the most sociopathic and diabolical criminals in our prison, would stay in prison longer. That sounds like a no-brainer right? Well, not to Brad. The bill didn’t even make it out of the Judiciary Committee (of which Brad is the Chairperson). Brad allowed LB 832 to die in committee. As a result, a cold-blooded murderer still earns “good time” at the very same rate as a guy who has been convicted of theft. In the hearing, Brad sounded very confused as to why a murderer should be treated differently than a person who had been sentenced for a non-violent offense. Near the end of a long discussion he said, “I guess I don’t understand why we treat people differently.”

Nebraskans who aren’t named “Brad”, can see exactly why we treat murderers different than we treat non-violent criminals. We are not as concerned about the feelings and emotions that the murderer experiences when he is not given “good time” in an equal manner to the rest of the prison population. But Brad loves the word “equality”. He can even apply it to murderers now.

Brad bases his lawmaking decisions on how it makes him feel and he usually feels like a follower on key issues.

Brad’s bad decisions stem from his use of emotions and feelings in lawmaking, at the expense of critical thought and study. He also appears to follow the lead of others who base their political “leadership” on feelings and emotions. As a state senator, Brad has been decidedly unhelpful to Nebraskans who argue for family values, life and traditional marriage. However, he was passionate in arguing that no mountain lion should die an untimely catdeath within the borderbabys of Nebraska. He was a vocal supporter of Ernie Chambers’ bill to outlaw the hunting of mountain lions in Nebraska. So when it comes to deciding between the life of a mountain lion and the life of a human being, Brad chooses the animal. It sounds like a joke, but it is a sad truth. It is simply one of Brad’s bad decisions.

Brad doesn’t know how to lead, but he sure knows how to follow.

How will Brad’s weak (nonexistent?) leadership skills be impacted by the Obama administration’s D.C. turf war? The President and his administration are stricken with a disease called totalitarian political correctness and it is terminal. President Obama has been a disaster for American culture and Brad Ashford will be a pawn for the President and his disastrous agenda which is built on and fueled by feelings and emotions. The Islamic terrorists love the way President Obama is reacting (and I did intentionally choose to describe it as “reacting”, and ever so weakly) to their death march through the Middle East. If elected, Brad will do nothing but parrot everything the Obama press czar wishes him to say.

And like the other Obama clones, Brad thinks abortion and same-sex marriage are awesome. Ernie Chambers thinks abortion and “equality” are signs of excellence in society as well. If Brad were to be elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, he would be another vote that would follow the Democratic/Obama agenda right down the line without any ability to weigh the facts and consequences. One of his biggest campaign supporters is a guy by the name of Steny Hoyer. Hoyer happens to be the Democratic minority whip in the House of Representatives. He’s a big cheerleader for Obamacare (which uses our tax dollars to pay for abortions in violation of Federal law), he’s a fan of abortion (excluding the late-term type ever since he was forced to admit the horrors of Kermit Gosnell) and believes that the age-old institution of marriage should be redefined. And it was Hoyer who just suggested that America would benefit from a Democrat majority in the House so that the lawmakers could cooperate with President Obama’s vision for the future. While most Democrats act like they can’t remember who currently occupies the oval office, Hoyer pulls even closer to President Obama. Does that tell you what he expects Brad to do if Brad gets your vote? Let’s see… Brad along with the Obama Administration, Hoyer, Harry Reid and Nutty Nancy Pelosi? That is a scary picture for everyone.

Brad does not feel it is important to listen to Nebraskans.

Nebraskans had the opportunity to vote on the issue of traditional marriage in November, 2000. In that election, 70% of Nebraskans voted to approve a constitutional amendment that protected the age-old definition of marriage as a relationship between one man and one woman. Ernie Chambers was furious. Ernie helped launch a lawsuit in an effort to have the amendment declared unconstitutional. Ernie lost. As a result, the Nebraska constitution protects marriage, family and children. But in spite of all this, Brad is concerned about the feelings of the LGBT community and sees no reason why the law should reflect what the majority of Nebraskans want the law to reflect. Brad followed Ernie in seeking to change the law to read exactly the opposite of what 70% of Nebraskans had already decided. In other words, when it comes to Nebraska’s values and the progressive, relativistic and liberal agenda, Brad sides with the progressive, relativistic and liberal agenda of Ernie Chambers.

Brad called a hearing last November to hear what Nebraskans had to say about the redefinition of marriage and he was presented with an abundance of facts, statistics and reasoning that showed the dangers and threat that homosexual behavior posed to families and children. But Brad could only understand the feelings of the LGBT advocates who told him stories about the struggles they faced because of their decision to celebrate the homosexual lifestyle.

Brad wants equality even when it is contrary to things like reason, common sense and reality.

When another senator drafted a bill that would have added sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes for purposes of employment discrimination (LB485), Brad and Ernie nearly tripped on their own tongues, rushing to support it. However, Nebraskans came together and contacted their senators in defense of the family. In the end, there were not enough senators willing to join Brad and Ernie in turning their backs on Nebraskans and LB485 was dropped to end a filibuster. But not before Brad actually became choked up on the floor of the Legislature, begging for votes. He was very emotional about it, talking about all the feelings involved. Apparently Brad was oblivious to the facts, statistics and reasoning that the majority of Nebraskans recognize. Brad is passionate about equality, no matter the cost. I offered to sit down with Brad at any time and explain these facts and the reasoning to him, but he never accepted my invitation.

Brad is ready to pack his bags and jump on the Obama train.

Brad has bounced around a lot in his long and convenient career in Nebraska politics. He has been registered as a Republican, an Independent and is currently registered as a Democrat. He wants you to believe that he will be non-partisan in Washington, but stop and think about that for a moment: He’s in lock-step with the progressive, relativistic, liberals, on key social issues, he has no experience dealing with national or international politics, and he would be the darling of the Democratic machine if he were elected in November. All this tells us is that a vote for Brad is a vote for the doomed and disastrous agenda of President Obama, Scary Harry Reid and Nutty Nancy Pelosi. If you think Brad’s discipleship to Ernie Chambers was evident, just imagine what it will be like in the political machine of D.C. politics.

If you want more blunders regarding terrorism and the Middle East, more spending, more civil unrest in the U.S., more gridlock in Washington and more decay in American culture, Brad is your guy. He’s not Nebraska’s guy though. Brad is just a bad decision.

Vote for Lee Terry.

If you are registered to vote and you live in Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District, Lee Terry is the person for whom you need to vote. Lee Terry is Pro-Family, Pro-Life, Pro-Child and fiscally conservative. He is certainly not an Obama “yes man”. If you skip this election, you will hurt Nebraska and hurt yourself. If you are going to be out of town on the 5th of November, go to the Douglas or Sarpy County website, print off an application for an absentee ballot and they will mail it right to your house. It is an easy way to fulfill your patriotic duty.

So back to that Bill which would have kept the most ruthless and dangerous Nebraskan convicts in prison longer (LB 832). You know, that one that never even made it out of the Judiciary Committee (which Brad Chaired)? Guess who else thought LB 832 was unnecessary? You guessed it: Ernie Chambers.  Brad follows and follows and follows.


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