The Jesuits are a mess. Their colleges and universities are heavily secularized in which their theology professors are known to teach beliefs which are contrary and incompatible to the Catholic faith. They have priests such as Fr. James Martin who write books and travel around teaching things contrary to the Catholic faith. They support groups which are hostile to the Catholic faith such as New Way Ministries and Out at St. Paul, and they specialize in ambiguity while claiming intellectual superiority. Therefore, they try and make inquisitive people feel as though they are simply not intelligent enough to understand how and why the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) are able to call their order Catholic, when their behavior and their words are often very unCatholic.

Georgetown, Gonzaga, Xavier, Creighton, Seattle University, Fr. James Martin, and Fr. Sosa Abascal are some of the more obvious problems in the Society of Jesus. I’ll admit that there are some excellent and faithful Jesuit priests as well. I will not mention their names here for fear that some of their less faithful brother Jesuits will use it against them. However, the faithful Jesuits appear to be the exception to the rule. Why do I say this? Because the unfaithful priests and schools are allowed to contradict the teachings of the Catholic Church without any discipline or correction from Jesuit leaders.

I remember when Fr. Sosa Abascal, the Superior General of the Society of Jesus (a.k.a. the top Jesuit a.k.a. the Black Pope) said, “We have formed symbolic figures such as the devil to express evil.” I also remember when he said he liked the idea of women deacons and that it may open more doors later on – hinting that he’s in favor of female priests. While he did walk back his insinuation that the Devil is a symbolic figure by suggesting that some were taking his comment out of context. Well, that’s easy to do when the context is vague, and the person who has established the ambiguity suffers the consequences of his ambiguity. To my knowledge, Sosa never walked back his insinuation that women should be ordained to the priesthood. 

So if the very head of the order is speaking so casually about such essentials, how can the order be healthy. In Europe and the U.S., the order has shrunken by about 50% in the last 25 years. This is indicative of sickness. One does not have to look very hard to see that the sickness is a spiritual sickness. One which embraces casual Catholicism, homosexuality, radical feminism, and general sentimentalism. Immigrants and gun control advocates have aggressive allies in the Jesuit order, whereas unborn children, heterosexuals, and those seeking an education consistent with the teachings of the Church, have a difficult time finding Jesuit priests and institutions who can provide “accompaniment”. 

I engaged Fr. James Martin on social media for a bit. I would ask him questions such as: “Do you believe that sex outside of marriage is a mortal sin?” And: “Do you believe what the Church teaches with regard to homosexuality?” He never answered my questions, but I know he read them. I know he read my questions because he blocked me on more than one social media platform. While he would often respond to people who praised him for fighting to change the Church’s teachings on homosexuality, he never responded to anyone who asked him if that was really what he was doing. I suspect he just kept blocking people who were asking inconvenient questions. 

After about a year of blocking people – after calling them trolls – he finally wrote an article in an effort to explain what he was actually trying to do by teaching that the Church should welcome active and practicing homosexuals. In his article he addressed the question I had asked numerous times: “Do you believe what the Church teaches with regard to homosexuality?” He wrote: “As a Catholic priest, I have also never challenged those [the Church’s moral] teachings, nor will I.” Ah the Jesuit sidestep is an interesting dance move. Here, Fr. Martin dodges the question by saying that he has never challenged the Church’s teachings, but says nothing about whether he agrees with them. Through his writings and his talks, it is evident that he does not agree with the Church’s teachings on sexual morality, which is why he’s trying to change them. At such point they change, he will celebrate loudly, but he’d still not be challenging the teachings because he would never celebrate until they had changed. See how the Jesuit sidestep works? 

Fr. Sosa, Fr. Martin and Pope Francis are all extremely skilled at the Jesuit sidestep, but it seems that Fr. Martin is a step ahead of the other two. 

It is sad to see a priest, Fr. James Martin, offering lost souls the world when he should be offering them the Gospel. We see the same method being used on most or all of the Jesuit college campuses. “Here we are, in the world and of the world. Take more of what the world has to offer as we think this is how you will find God.” But that’s not the way it works. 

Since Fr. Martin has blocked me on social media and the presidents of the Jesuit schools were not going to listen to me, I decided to turn to the Jesuit superiors. Basically, I encouraged the Jesuit order to clean up all of the dumpster fires in their order. Here is the letter: 


I’ll update the blog when I get a response.

St. Ignatius Loyola, pray for us.