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5 Reasons to Avoid Girl Scouts

  1. Abortion: Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) helps fund and promote Planned Parenthood. For more information on this, see here: Girl Scouts of the USA & Abortion
    • As you know, Planned Parenthood is known for harvesting the organs of the aborted children, so they can profit more off of the death of the child.
    • Planned Parenthood’s history of ignoring child sex-abuse.
    • Planned Parenthood has been receiving over $500,000,000 from the federal government in recent years.
  2. Encouraging Homosexual Behavior: GSUSA openly promotes the homosexual lifestyle and the behavior of those involved in the homosexual lifestyle.
    • Stephanie Argus, a Girl Scout employee has a Google page (Stefanie Argus – Google+) devoted to Girl Scouts and former Girl Scouts who promote their sexual preference and the impact Girl Scouts had on their sexual preference. Look here to see that Stephanie Argus Girl Scout Camp and Outdoor Program Specialist is a Girl Scout employee. Look here to see if her page devoted to the lifestyle is still active: Argus Page
  3. Encouraging Gender Confusion: GSUSA openly supports the transgender lifestyle.
  4. Encouraging Use Of Artificial Contraception: GSUSA promotes the use of artificial contraception.
    • The 2016 “World Thinking Day” activity pack, recommends the  WAGGGS’ HIV and AIDS training toolkit which promotes the use of condoms and likely avoids any recommendations regarding chastity. 
    • The Liberal Leadership of the GSUSA indicates that the trajectory of the Girl Scouts is only going to get further and further from the family values you want for your child. There is no indication they will back away from the track they are on.
  5. Dishonesty: GSUSA and the local Councils refuse to admit their affiliation with Planned Parenthood and refuse to acknowledge the fact that they support behaviors and beliefs that undermine the dignity of the human person, the best interests of women and authentic leadership.
    • Why would you want your child involved with an organization that relied on deception and holds itself out as an organization that will help your child become more virtuous?

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