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The Victimization of Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner can do anything he wants to his own body if he is mentally competent to make decisions for himself.

I believe that one may reasonably question whether he is mentally competent. His ability to make competent decisions is unknown to me, but I would suggest that Bruce Jenner is a vulnerable person who has been manipulated by individuals and a segment of our culture who see him as nothing more than a means to an end. I do not have enough information to conclude that he is incompetent, but it is reasonable to suspect incompetence. It sounds like he has been a very disturbed person for decades and he is apparently involved in a reality t.v. show which probably hinges on his willingness to engage in the bizarre. That’s the basis of a lot of our entertainment these days isn’t it? The entertainment industry currently thrives on the bizarre, the shocking and all things distasteful. At a minimum, his willingness to go to the extremes of self-mutilation indicates some significant issues.

I also suspect that those who claim Jenner is a hero actually know he isn’t. But they have an agenda to promote, so there is no room for inconvenient truth. The truth is, the entire situation is a fraud. Jenner has been used and those who are using him have no concern for his best interests. Where there is a reality show, there is manipulation, misinformation and abuse. (Forgive me if you think reality T.V. is the font of all truth, beauty and goodness these days.)

But there are real doctors involved, right? Certainly they were looking out for Jenner’s best interests, right?

I’ve done some reading on the way the medical field approaches things like gender reassignment surgery, hormone therapy and gender identity. It sounds like there are plenty of doctors out there who pay little or no attention to the possibility that there is an underlying mental illness or trauma that is causing the desires and feelings. Therefore, they never consider whether or not an underlying mental illness or other cause can be treated in order to alleviate the unusual and rare desires and feelings leading to the gender identity issue.

Those doctors brave enough to speak out in opposition to the LGBT agenda are ignored or vilified. (Surgery Isn’t the Solution ) The LGBT advocates only want to hear from those who desire to encourage hormone therapy, gender fluidity and the medical procedures sought by those wishing to look more like the male or female body with which they emotionally identify. All others are berated, ostracized and labelled as religious fanatics. Just think of the pressure on a doctor when a celebrity shows up with a t.v. show contract in the balance. I bet the producers had psychologists and evaluations that portrayed Jenner as the most normal and competent person the plastic surgeon had ever met. The money was all there too, as well as plenty of publicity.

But the fact is; those who undergo surgery to have their bodies altered, are not happier and healthier as a result. Some have gone through reversal procedures, there is an increased rate of suicide, some have fallen into deeper depression, more mental illness and/or addictions and behaviors that are extremely self-destructive. I doubt any can say it has been an amazing and purely positive experience. I suspect that most, if not all of these people find themselves in a sort of no-man’s land (no pun intended) because their body is neither male or female anymore. They might look more like the male or female they wished to be, but they are something less than that. They are also something less than nature originally caused them to be.

If their doctor would have honestly addressed (bias in psychology) the source of their desires, their ability to make medical decisions in their own best interests and the unlikely chances that the procedures will make them healthier and happier, they would have declined to do the surgery, just as Johns Hopkins Hospital has done.

But in today’s media, Jenner is the hero while soldiers, police officers and firefighters are vague caricatures of average people who are supposed to take the bullet or suffer injury as part of their job. We have tens of thousands of true heroes walking among us today who carry the actual physical and emotional scars of defending us from extremist Muslim terrorists, thugs who believe they are entitled to anything we possess and gang members and drug dealers who use innocent people to further their criminal interests in one way or another. We also have hundreds of heroes who have recently paid the ultimate price, like officer Kerrie Orozco, right here in Nebraska.

But none of this is Jenner’s fault. He’s been manipulated, used and misled. The blame is on those of us who encourage, celebrate and honor the LGBT agenda. But most of us don’t celebrate all things LGBT.

The average mom or dad wants to simply raise their child without a sports reporter trying to educate their child on how we are to refer to people like Jenner in order to make sure our speech and way of thinking is acceptable to less than 1% of society. The American population is overwhelmingly heterosexual. Only about 3.4% of Americans identify as part of the LGBT community and a very small portion of that 3.4% is “transgender”. Fewer yet have gone to the extreme that Jenner has chosen. Everyone in that 3.4% has family members and friends who care for them, but not even all family members and friends believe the LGBT lifestyle is the best choice for their family member or friend. However, if any such family member or friend dares to speak on the issue, they had better be very careful to validate the feelings, emotions and behavior. If the LGBT advocates deem the family member or friend to be anything less than fully supportive of the LGBT lifestyle they will be showered with criticism.

Jenner’s own children are examples of this. Kylie Jenner is humiliated by her father’s decision. As a result, Bruce and those family members who do support him, suggested that she go to counseling. If you read the articles that talk about this conflict (not a pleasant activity), you will find comments that label Kylie as misguided, bigoted, hurtful, etc…, among comments that recognize the fact that she is not obligated to agree with her father. But Jenner’s children live and make their living, under the watchful eye of reality t.v. in the deepest recesses of a culture that commands tolerance (actually celebration) of the LGBT lifestyle. I suspect the pressure on Jenner’s children is only going to build up to a crushing force over time.

But it is the entertainment industry, media, politicians and the LGBT activists who seize upon vulnerable people like Jenner and encourage them to keep moving down the path toward self-mutilation, extremely dangerous behavior, and a pursuit of emotional “happiness” which is purely an illusion. They don’t care about the person. They only care about the image that helps them achieve their objective.

Vanity Fair (which will probably go out of business due to the digital age) has used Jenner to line their pockets with money and stay afloat a little while longer. ESPN, which is probably much more successful than Vanity Fair, has checked their collective brain stems at the door in order to turn a sad moral issue into a political statement when the most ESPN should be doing is giving us box scores and highlights of athletic events in which we have no idea how the competitors like their sex or perceive their sexuality. ESPN should not be dabbling in moral and cultural engineering as they have no idea what they are doing. They are using Jenner as much as the producers of the reality t.v. show and the people at Vanity Fair.

Jenner is a victim. But so are all those who could find increased happiness and a much healthier lifestyle, but have never been offered this opportunity because the psychological profession and medicine have been overwhelmed by the LGBT advocates. The LGBT agenda is focused on artificially injecting homosexual behavior into the mainstream mentality of America. How can the LGBT community keep saying that homosexual behavior is good and normal if they occasionally admit that it is not the best choice for everybody at all times?

Imagine walking onto a used car lot and asking the salesperson if you need a new car. They are going to tell you that you absolutely need a new car (as long as you can pay for it). The same thing happens with people like Jenner. They probably end up going to a counselor or therapist fairly early on in their struggle with same-sex attraction or gender confusion. Most mental health practitioners are trained to believe that reparative therapy is evil. Very few will suggest that same-sex attraction or gender confusion is abnormal. They fear that trying to help patients resist same-sex attraction, gender switching and other behaviors promoted in the LGBT lifestyle will not only open them up to a malpractice claim, it will exclude them from every organization, board and institute within their field. Therefore, instead of working on figuring out the cause of the feelings, the course of treatment is focused on accepting the feelings as normal and good. There is no attempt to help the person live a healthy and happy life. All the effort goes toward encouraging them to adopt the LGBT lifestyle and believe that it is the happiest and healthiest choice for them.

Why is it important to know that a professional football player is attracted to men or that a tennis star is attracted to people of the same sex? Their influence is about as important as Michael Jordan’s choice in underwear. Is it wise for us to choose our brand of underwear based on Mike’s advice? Does Michael Jordan have some unique insight that the majority of Americans do not have when it comes to underwear manufacturers? I don’t think so. Lady Gaga, Michael Sam and Jenner are all celebrity spokespersons for the LGBT agenda not because they have a deep and profound grasp on morality, psychology or medicine, but because they have name recognition and they can promote the product where the average member of the LGBT community would have little or no influence.

Celebrity endorsements are a tactic to manipulate the consumer. But in this case, the LGBT isn’t trying to convince you to buy a certain brand of after shave. They are trying to convince you and your children that it is heroic to have a series of surgeries in order to look more like the other sex or to look like neither sex.

Why do the mainstream media outlets, especially sports media, feel compelled to glorify the LGBT spokespersons when they have apparently never felt compelled to support or sometimes even recognize celebrities and sports figures who get married, stay married and raise a family? I admit, such celebrities and sports figures appear to be very rare, but they are certainly more common than those who have surgery to change their appearance from one sex to the other. Maybe the celebrities and sports figures who have lived lives centered on the traditional family are actually much more common than we have been led to believe specifically because the media has no interest in recognizing it. A celebrity celebrating his or her 8th wedding anniversary with his or her spouse (of the opposite sex) could do so in a restaurant Los Angeles without one  reporter taking note or a photograph to memorialize their marriage. But if a 12th round draft pick from a division II college mentions that he is gay, he will be the darling of the news cycle for the next 2 months and may just get to shake hands with the President and receive the Arthur Ashe Courage award at the next ESPY.

Bruce Jenner is still Bruce Jenner. He looks different than he did, but there is no doctor or team of surgeons who possess the ability to turn him into a female. The makeup artist who got him all glamorized for the photo shoot did not make him a female, nor did the professional photographers who used lighting and angles to feminize him. The graphic artist who used computer technology to make Jenner’s photos look like a younger feminized model did not turn Jenner into a female either.

I challenge Vanity Fair to publish the original photos of Jenner before the graphic artist altered them. That isn’t going to happen because it admits far too much about this whole issue.

We need to pray for Bruce Jenner, all those who have manipulated and misled him and all those who believe for one second, that he is a hero for following his feelings in spite of reality. I don’t think this is going to end well for him, but what’s done is done. I hope that people stop using him for their own agenda without any regard for his best interests. Therefore, ESPN, the Human Rights Campaign, the producers of the reality show and the Obama administration need to realize that they are encouraging vulnerable people to make take extreme measures that have little or no help of resulting in improved happiness or health. In fact, the extreme measures often end up causing deeper regret, suffering and an increase in suicide.

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