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The Problem With Boycotting Liberal Corporations

There is a lot of talk about how to make politicians and businesses pay attention to your side of things lately. For instance, large corporations such as Walmart and Disney are currently suspending donations to lawmakers who voted against the certification of the electoral college votes and many conservatives are signing a pledge to purge Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others from their smartphone, laptop, and digital lifestyle.

As a conservative, I too am very displeased with the way the tech giants have openly censored conservative voices over the years. However, I do not think the decision to enter into a blanket boycott of multiple enormous corporations or chain stores will ever be truly effective. The lure of marketing, merchandise, entertainment, and distraction, will always win out.

When we decide we are going to boycott every business who supports abortion, we soon find out that a lot of businesses support abortion, from coffee chains to online travel vendors. On top of that, some businesses who do not donate to Planned Parenthood send money to the Human Rights Campaign, which is a powerful lobbyist for the LGBT, or to Black Lives Matter, which is known to have a Marxist agenda aimed at ripping apart the fabric of our society all the way down to the family unit. And both the HRC and BLM work closely with the abortion industry in many ways. What you find is that the culture of death has its tentacles wrapped around big business and much of the American culture to such a degree that in order to avoid supporting it completely, you have to be dead. That is assuming that your mortician, the embalming fluid vendor, and the casket maker are morally pure.

Therefore, I think conservatives need to take a page from the radical liberal playbook. Instead of the shotgun approach of boycotting everything but only really impacting a few corporations or organizations here and there, we focus on one corporation or organization and make an example for the others.

This happened to an extent several years ago when Target announced that they were going to allow men to use women’s restrooms in their stores. After that announcement, Target experienced a significant drop in income and spent $20,000,000 adding additional bathrooms for those who wanted a little more privacy than prying eyes of others would allow.

In the present case, corporate America has made their move. A PBS attorney has resigned after it was discovered that he saw good in the chance that Republicans would die from Covid and that the children of Trump supporters should be sent to reeducation camps to see if they could be trained to embrace progressive liberal ideas. Amazon has shut Parler down because the Amazon executives do not like what people are saying on Parler, and other tech giants such as Twitter and Facebook have stepped up their censorship of people from the President of the United States all the way down to grandmothers with a few hundred friends. If you posted anything about election fraud in the last two months, Facebook automatically added a link to their version of things.

Just as the LGBT activists have targeted a few small businesses around the country in order to make an example of them and to instill fear of ruin on all other small business owners, conservatives need to pick out one or two of the most Marxist influenced mega corporations and build up a base for boycotts on them. If millions of conservatives stopped shopping at Walmart and went to their locally owned grocery store, clothing store, pharmacy, and mechanic instead, all large corporations would take this seriously. As things are, Walmart and other large corporations think they may see a slight decrease in growth, but they know that we’ll be back in a few weeks, heaping our carts full and scanning hundreds of dollars through their computerized checkers. The same goes for Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and all the others. We may have the fortitude to stand up for our beliefs for a day, a week, or even a few months, but we all know that we’ll begin to make exceptions, excuses, and rationalizations in order to take advantage of convenience, cost savings, and the comforts we have been lulled into enjoying. Marketing executives know they are today’s romancers.

So let’s pick one and take them down a notch. I say we focus on the tech industry, and even more specifically, social media. I’ve been a frequent Facebook user over the years, and even though I use it to evangelize and persuade, I think Facebook would be an excellent recipient of a boycott. All the others will watch us closely though, so we had better make this a serious and lasting effort.

LGBT activists just want Jack Phillips to “bake the cake” and they want Baronelle Stutzman to sell them flowers for their same-sex “wedding” ceremonies. This is spite of the fact that multiple bakeries near Masterpiece Cakeshop would love to bake cakes for LGBT activists and most florists near Arlene’s Flowers would appreciate any business they could get, especially during a government imposed lockdown. But no, progressive liberal activists want to force what people believe, and they are determined to boycott, picket, and use the force of law to crush these small businesses and people who 99.999% of us had never heard of in order to get their way.

We, on the other hand… Are we willing to take our business and our dollars elsewhere in order to help billionaires realize that we are not trying to force anyone to think our way, we are just asking to be allowed to think and believe for ourselves? Why can’t we simply watch a college football game without ESPN trying to teach us that homosexual sex or gender dysphoria are good and honorable things?

I don’t drink Starbucks, partly because their coffee tastes like acid, but also because they promote an ideology which makes their coffee even less appealing to me. I don’t watch ESPN, partly because ESPN is not interesting to me, but also because they promote an ideology which has absolutely nothing to do with athletic competition. I don’t shop at Target even though I thought they had a pretty nice store, but then they started promoting an ideology which had nothing to do with the merchandise I like to buy.

But we each have our weaknesses, so we need to rally around a much more focused effort at boycotting if we hope to be a part of any change.

So, let’s pick one, or two, or at a maximum, three, and let our dollars and our actions do the work for us.

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