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Who Are You Voting For?

It looks like we have to choose between two unbelievably horrible candidates for the office of President of the United States on November 8, 2016. In my opinion, an opinion shared with many Americans, neither candidate is fit for office.

And all of this after 8 years of the very worst presidential leadership in the history of the United States. President Obama has been a total failure as President. His economic policies have been ineffective (unless you consider an increase in poverty effective), his international policies have done nothing but weaken us internationally, his focus on abortion rights, LGBT rights and the environment have been at the expense of our national economic condition and our national security with regard to ISIS, racial tensions and the freedoms guaranteed to all Americans since the founding of our country. Barack Obama has set us up for a disaster that could spell the abrupt and violent end to what was once the most powerful and most respected country on the face of the earth.

Imagine a time warp in which a 15th century European immigrant stepped off of a caravel (a 15th century type of ship) and into the culture we have in 2016. They would scramble back to 15th century Europe as fast as they could.

If you voted for Barack Obama in 2008, you are a victim of deception. If you voted for Barack Obama in 2013, you are a fool.

Okay, now that the progressives are done trying to read this, let’s get down to the problem that is coming right around the corner and how we can deal with it.

A lot of people (regardless of their political party) are saying they may not even vote for a president. I suspect you have considered this option as well. I’ll tell you why that is not a good idea and I’ll tell you how you can help protect your children and grandchildren.

The first step:

Accept the fact that politics and politicians are not the answer. Politicians didn’t create the United States and they can’t renew the United States. People with heroic virtue and vision built the United States and some of them ended up being elected to office, but they were still serving their fellow man in office. No, this country was founded by courageous heroes who were willing to sacrifice everything, even their own freedom and life, for freedom and justice. But they understood that freedom was not merely the right to do whatever one desired. They recognized that freedom is only true freedom when it is lived virtuously. Doing whatever you want, whenever you want to do it has a different name: chaos.

Most of the individuals elected to public office at the federal level today fail to understand true freedom and even if they don’t believe in unrestricted whim and pleasure, they lack the insight to see that virtue is necessary for true freedom. We are stuck with the two candidates we have because the establishment has chosen Killary and a culture addicted to to entertainment had defaulted to an entertainer because they don’t realize this is all very real.

Does this mean we simply refuse to vote? Even though the candidates of 2016 are deplorable we can’t just sit by and let the election take place without participating in it. Do you have a patriotic obligation to vote? No. How about a moral obligation? Nope. Do we owe some sort of duty to our fellow Americans which requires us to vote? No. You need to vote because failing to do so is unreasonable, irresponsible and foolish. Even when the candidates are as bad as these two, your vote will count and it will have an impact on the future. Even though politicians are not the answer to our problems, they still make up an unavoidable reality in our life, so voting is still important. But before I explain this further, there as a few more steps to consider in our effort to protect our children and grandchildren.

The second step:

Vote for the presidential candidate who will be the least effective in office. We know that both candidates are terrible options, but one of them is going to be the next (and maybe the last) President. Neither one of them possesses notable virtue. Both are and have always been driven by a thirst for power, money, prestige, recognition, etc… If either of them gets anything done while in office, it will certainly only further their depraved agenda which is to make the rich richer, the powerful more powerful and successful more successful. The only way to do this is to take from you. They will take your freedoms your rights, your opportunities and your potential. So tell me, why would you vote for the candidate who may do this most effectively?

Voting for Killary or the Trumpster because you think he or she will do the best job is like being tied to the rack and letting your torturers know where your arthritis has been bothering you the most lately.

Between the two, Trump is going to be the least effective. This means that whatever he tries to screw up, he’ll only partially succeed in screwing up. Killary will set out to screw up most of the fundamental rights upon which the United States has championed for over 200 years, and because she and Bill are powerful political insiders, she will be very effective. This means that abortion, the LGBT agenda and the dechristianization of America will see more favoritism and success under Killary than the Obama administration could have dreamed of.

Cecile Richards and Planned Parenthood have been prominent supporters at all Clinton functions for the past year or more. Killary has also pledged to advance LGBT legislation such as the Equality Act, which will put all Catholic education, Catholic hospitals and other Catholic charities at serious risk of being fined out of existence. Some say the possibilities are endless and I think they are right, but I call them persecutions, not possibilities. Social Marxism is thriving in American and it has completely dominated the Democratic party and will soon consume the Republican party as well.

You can’t really vote for a 3rd party candidate either. The one I’ve seen most is as progressive as Killary with regard to abortion and religious freedom. Although he would be a very ineffective President, which is what we are looking for this November, he is about as likely to win the election as Gary Johnson. Oh wait… Yeah. Not a chance.

The third step:

Vote for the Congressional candidate and the House candidate that will most effectively defend your rights. In other words, vote for Trump. Right now we have a president and Supreme Court who believes the Constitution is a play toy. The Supreme Court is probably not going to become more conservative with either candidate and it already favors a progressive agenda.

Our political hope (as minimal as that is) rests in Congress. If we can keep conservative members in office and elect conservative members in districts where moderates and progressives currently reign, we have a chance to keep the country’s head above water for the next 4 to 8 years. The combination of an ineffective President and a strong Congress can buy us some time while we focus our attention on the most important step we need to take in the protection of our children and grandchildren which I’ll explain in a bit.

Do more than simply support solid Congressional candidates in your district. Look elsewhere and do what you can to support and promote other strong candidates.

One factor to consider in any candidate who claims to be conservative is whether the candidate is capable of treating Trump like a progressive if (more likely when) that day arrives. The last thing we need are a bunch of partisan cowards in Congress who are afraid to jeopardize their next election by standing up for things like virtue, truth and reality. If Trump initiates a good law, pass it. If he initiates idiocy or stands mute in the face of evil, push him out of the way. Congress can do this with Trump in the Oval Office, but they won’t have the courage or the votes to do it with a Clinton in office.

The fourth step:

There are other steps which I have bypassed, I’m sure. But 0f all the steps, this one is the most important and it is the only one that is absolutely necessary. The first three steps are important and could be very helpful, but they are not essential. Even without 1-3 above, step four is the answer. Step four gets back to my first sentence in step one: “Politics and politicians are not the answer”. Unfortunately, too many Americans have decided that politicians and politics are the answer and that all other potential answers are too difficult, too speculative or they will simply fail. Politics and politicians will be helpful or a hindrance, but they are not the answer.

The fact is, Christ is the answer. Jesus isn’t running for President but you can be certain He expects you to do everything in your power to make that irrelevant. Satan wants you to believe just the opposite. Satan wants you to focus on steps 1-3 above so you, like the rest of the country, are completely oblivious to step #4. Satan is really good at misdirection. Satan obscures reality and truth, which is why he is called the Father of Lies. Satan wants you to believe that all good can be achieved through purely human effort and he wants you to believe that the secular leaders have the power to make change for the good. Make no mistake, Satan is not only a huge fan of the Democratic platform, he wrote it.

In step number 4, we must recognize that only God is good and no good is possible without God. We must surrender our lives to God’s will through prayer and the glorification and building of God’s kingdom. That may not sound all that exciting to you. It may even sound foolish. If so, you are already falling victim to the deception of Satan.

Although I titled this blog as though it dealt with the upcoming election, the reality is that the real issue remains in our hearts. It is up to us to renew the United States. We do that through daily Mass attendance (if at all possible), prayer throughout each day (which is always possible) and the sacraments (if you are Catholic). All of these things work together to fill us with grace and it is grace that opens our hearts and minds to the truth and pours out to others in our lives to open their hearts and minds to Christ. We build up the kingdom within ourselves which builds up God’s kingdom on earth.

The catch is that we cannot build up the kingdom within ourselves in private or in secret. Sure, there are times when our prayer and our growth must happen invisibly, but it cannot always happen invisibly. We are in an age when our faith must be evident in our actions and our words. There are people who want us to believe that it is wrong to live in such a way that others can tell we are Christian. Our federal government wants us to believe that we have freedom of worship instead of freedom of religion, even though the 1st Amendment to the Constitution says nothing about worship and everything about religion. And Satan agrees with our federal government. Satan wants us to keep our worship within the four walls of our home or the 4 walls of our churches because a timid faith won’t convert anyone, not even the one exercising the timid faith.

Pull your family members close and love them, pray with them and teach them. Wrap yourself in prayer. Wrap your family in prayer. Then hold your nose and vote for Trump.


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