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Democrats Violate 1st Amendment

In blatant violation of all logical interpretations of “separation of church and state”, the Democrats are conspiring to take over the Catholic Church in the United States. The plot is an undeniable fact given the admissions contained in the latest Wikileaks release (one email of which is shown above). The Democrats will fail as all others have and all others will, but that is no reason to disregard the seriousness of their evil desires. Their propaganda will cause some to reject God, which will lead souls and lives to destruction (as if Bengazi and abortion hasn’t been enough for them). If you wondered how the Democratic party presidential candidate could have said that “deep seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed” and how the Democratic Vice President hopeful could say that the Catholic Church is going to change soon, now you know why. Revolution. Powerful Democrats want the Catholic Church to be the official religion of the country, as long as they get to change what the Church has been teaching for the last 2000 years.

So let me get this straight. It is a violation of “the separation of church and state”, if a pastor encourages his church members to vote pro-life or in support of traditional marriage, but when written documentation shows up which proves that the Democrat’s Presidential nominee and her staff and her supporters are seeking to take over and control the Catholic Church, the FBI must investigate the whether it was legal to make the documents public?  Evil hates the light.

Is simply voting for any Democrat in this election is enough to put your eternal salvation in jeopardy?

Just musing.

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