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Returning To Normal

From time to time, someone with some pull (political clout) will say something about the world’s return to “normal” as the pandemic recedes into history. As we all know, the last two years have been very abnormal, but what would “normal” look like if that is where we are headed?

According to a recent poll conducted by Heartland Institute and Rasmussen Reports, only 58% of a little over 1,000 respondents would oppose a proposal for federal or state governments to fine Americans who choose not to get a COVID-19 vaccine. However, when you look at the political views of the respondents, 55% of the respondents who identified as Democrats voiced support for a fine, compared to just 19% of Republicans and 25% of unaffiliated voters. Other findings from that same small poll were equally disturbing:

59% of the Democrat respondents would favor a government policy requiring that unvaccinated citizens remain confined to their homes at all times, except for emergencies. 48% of the Democrats thought federal and state governments should fine or imprison individuals who publicly question the effectiveness of the existing COVID-19 vaccines. 45% of the Democrats thought it was wise to have the governments force unvaccinated citizens to temporarily live in designated facilities or locations. 47% of the Democrats thought the government should be able to track the unvaccinated by using digital devices.

In short, about 1/2 of the respondent who identified as Democrats favored governmental practices only utilized in governments like Communist Russia, Communist China, and Nazi Germany (whether you consider the Nazis to be socialist, fascist, or just psycho).

Some local governments and businesses are banning unvaccinated customers from certain places. This is the prerogative for most business owners who apparently don’t need the income, but when vendors of basic essentials such as a grocery store in Yulara, Australia, begin to issue such bans, people should pay attention.

Speaking of basic essentials, the right to work and earn an income (and therefore, feed your children) is also a basic need. However, a lot of Americans have had this taken away from them lately simply because they declined to be vaccinated against the Covid virus. Some employers have decided that their employees need to undergo certain medical treatments in order to keep their job.

We are constantly reminded to live in fear and to be ashamed of the history of our country. We are told to view history as if there has been a nation, a culture, or a tribe which did not owe its existence to a successful and often violent takeover of a prior nation, civilization, or group. Right or wrong, every country and culture became a country or culture because it became the majority in its geographic region and exerted authority over others. Some would like to teach that people indigenous to North America were totally peaceful and docile toward other indigenous people and migrants, explorers, and settlers. While there were and still are unquestionably courageous and virtuous indigenous people, many of them lived life by very different standards, and many Americans today, indigenous and otherwise are very virtuous and moral.

Most of the day to day battle in the world is over marriage, family, and even more specifically, children.

The U.S. Attorney General and many other federal, state, and local governmental leaders are just sure that parents are getting in the way of the government’s superior approach to forming America’s children through public schools. The are so sure that they have even entertained the idea that parents who are in disagreement are to be feared, investigated, and silenced.

The Michigan Democratic Party recently published a social media post in which it stated that the purpose of public education is to teach the children what “society needs them to know”. The post was in response to the rising public realization that parents are the primary educators of their own children. The Michigan Democratic Party doesn’t like that concept, though they did delete their social media post and stated that parent play an “important” role in the education of their children. Important is different than primary, but hey, you can’t expect them to admit that much so quickly.

A California “journalist” just published an opinion piece on “universal orphanhood” which advocates for removing all children from their parents and sending them to be raised by foster parents. The piece, which is hopefully satirical, mentioned nothing about satire or far-fetched humor and appeared in purely secular publications. The opinion piece stated:

“Today, universal orphanhood aligns with powerful social trends that point to less interest in family. Californians are slower to marry, and are having fewer children — our state’s birth rate is at an all-time low. Surveys also suggest many of us are breaking off ties with family members who don’t share our politics. But my proposal would be unifying, fitting hand-in-glove with the most cherished policies of progressives and Trumpians alike. The left’s introduction of anti-racism and gender identity in schools faces a bitter backlash from parents. Ending parenthood would end the backlash, helping dismantle white supremacy and outdated gender norms.”

Meanwhile, inflation is taking over the most powerful economy and country in the world (the U.S. in case you didn’t know). However, our Vice President didn’t really see swelling inflation as a problem at first, which is how things like inflation get out of control. We are also being conditioned to experience shortages of various things from time to time (toilet paper, coins, cream cheese, building supplies, fuel, tires, etc..) so things like bread lines and empty grocery store shelves will be less likely to spark protests and other situations in which the people try to take over where the government has obviously failed.

Many political leaders who claim to “follow the science” continue to ignore the science on things like masks, vaccines, mental health, gender, abortion, etc. This strange compulsion to have your desires and wishes govern your day to day behavior leads to other problems:

  1. Broken supply lines;
  2. Uncontrolled border crisis;
  3. No impact on Covid in spite of a severe disregard for basic American freedoms;
    • “Follow the science” apparently means blindly follow what people who have an education in science or in fields related to science say. This is much different than looking to science to help you make the best decisions.
  4. Weakness in the face of China’s aggression (which is the most serious international threat right now);
  5. A desire to live under tyranny (packing the Court, vaccine mandate, end the filibuster, an election bill);
  6. Complacency and/or support of violent protests by Antifa, the BLM organization, and general unrest instead of doing the difficult thing and confronting social unrest;
  7. The use of children as tools to be controlled and turned into liberal members of a liberal society;
  8. Misidentifying average Americans as potential terrorists because they want you to do something about the actual violent protesters and terrorists and/or those using public schools as social engineering centers.

As is typical with politics and the politicians who run politics, Joe Biden and his supporters are going to claim that he has outperformed expectations thus far in his presidency, but people who pay attention to things such as facts and reality will see that this simply isn’t true unless the expectations were that he would walk around in a diaper everyday, pointing at everything in the White House while screaming “mine”. For a Biden supporter (a Democrat), there is obvious disappointment, as evidenced by a lot of silence about his performance, but mandatory praise for anything he has done which has not been an abysmal failure. There is a lot more silence than praise for Biden across the board.

In reality, I don’t want things to return to normal, because that normal led us to the disintegrating nation in which we live in January, 2022. Things probably won’t get better either. Even if Republicans sweep the mid-term election and Joe Biden fulfills his apparent destiny as America’s worst single-term President in 2024, things will not improve significantly or for the long-term.

Politics and ideology are not the answer. Human will always misses its target. Politics and ideology are just part of the answer, and they can either help make things better or make them worse. The answer is returning to decisions based on truth, reality, and virtue, which are all based in the truth of Jesus Christ and His Gospel. The problem is that about 1/2 of American voters prioritize man’s will over God’s will. This is probably because about 1/2 of the population doesn’t believe in God or trust in God.

Instead of returning to normal, we simply need to return to God. With faith in God, we are free to follow actual science, recognize reality, appreciate truth, and stop fighting against these things.

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