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Radical Christians Are The Terrorists?

The Tweet that serves as the main photo for this blog showed up on my Twitter feed earlier today. As you can see, Dr. Romei says that radical Christians are to blame for various gun and bomb related tragedies in the United States over the past 40 years. While some misguided Christians may fit that profile, Dr. Romei’s post and his meme are complete lies. 

I will get to the meme shortly, but I want to start with Dr. Romei’s flawed assumption first. He has bought into the lie that Islam is either peaceful or poses no threat (or both). First, ISIS is the face of terrorism everywhere in the world. Since the the primary target of ISIS seems to be the U.S., we should not write them off as some obscure J.V. terror squad. ISIS is pure evil and although ISIS has not yet accomplished an attack on American soil, they are certainly trying. But Islamic terrorism isn’t limited to ISIS. There are a lot of radicals in Islam who are more than happy to bomb, kidnap, rape, torture, enslave, murder, etc… Boko Haram, the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda are a few of the more visible such groups. And there have been incidents of Islamic terrorism on U.S. soil in the past few years, such as Ft. Hood and the Boston Marathon. In September, 2014, Alton Nolan, a/k/a Jah’Keem Yisrael, beheaded a female co-worker at a processed food plant in Moore, Oklahoma. His conversion to Islam a few months before the murder raised some eyebrows, but we were assured that it was nothing more than workplace violence. Oh, like Ft. Hood you mean?

Dr. Romei is likely one of those who will assure us that Islam is a religion of peace. We are supposed to believe that our real enemy is Christianity. 

Are there Catholics, Lutherans, Methodists, Presbyterians, Nondenominational Christians, Evangelicals, etc…, out there slaughtering people? No. But for some reason Dr. Romei wants us to believe that Christianity is breeding psychotic American killers. His tweet is actually one of a number of recent posts in which he and others blame Christianity for the November 28, 2015, shooting in Colorado Springs. Time will tell if the murderer, Robert Dear, was motivated by anything he considered Christian, but why wait around for the facts, right? Lack of information has not stopped people like Romei, Planned Parenthood executives and many abortion advocates, from saying that Dear targeted Planned Parenthood and that he did so because he was a Pro-Life, Christian. The claim has no merit, but that is a whole different blog that I’ll write once the facts come out. Right now, we should be praying for the victims of the Colorado Springs shooting, not guessing about motives.

Robert Dear - Colorado Springs Murderer, Nov. 28, 2015
Robert Dear – Colorado Springs Murderer, Nov. 28, 2015

Now we can look at the psychotic killers depicted in Dr. Romei’s meme and see if these 8 murderers fit within the definition of “radical Christians”.

The upper left photo is Dylan Roof. Roof is devoted to white supremacy and killed a number of African Americans in a Methodist Church Bible study because he wants to start a race war. As far as I can tell, liberal politicians and Al Sharpton are successfully propelling America toward that goal without punk psychos like Roof to aid them. From what I read on Roof, there is absolutely nothing Christian about him.

The murderer with the moustache and the black bullet-proof vest is Eric Rudolf. Rudolph is known for attacking abortion clinics and setting off a bomb at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. Of all the murderers on the meme, he is the closest to some sort of a Chrisian faith, but even then, he is billions of miles away from Christianity. If he had any religious influences in his life it came from a Church of Latter Day Saints (The Church of Mormon) spin-off called the Church of Israel. One of the most basic prerequisites to being considered a Christian is to actually believe in Jesus Christ. The Church of Latter Day Saints does not believe in the Jesus Christ of the Bible and the spin-offs probably don’t even concern themselves with the possibility of the existence of God. So Rudolph is not a Christian. However,to some people, the fact that he had the past affiliation with anything that self-describes as a “church” is enough to confuse them.

The next murderer, the one with the orange hair, is James Holmes. Holmes is known for the 2012 murder of 12 people at a crowded movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. Holmes had no religious motivation for his rampage and actually said that the message behind the massacre was that there was no message. He was just a psycho who wanted to kill people.  

The bald-headed and freaky looking murderer is Jared Lee Loughner. If anything, Loughner is an atheist unless he even goes a little further and could be considered a satanist. In addition to not being a Christian, Loughner is a nut case (everybody on the meme is a nut case). He murdered 19 people at a political event in Arizona in 2011.

The bottom-left is Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City, bomber. McVeigh was at best, an agnostic at the time of the bombing. He was also completely devoid of empathy for the rest of humanity. He was not a Christian by any stretch of the imagination. His primary motivation was hatred for the U.S. government.

The next two photos are those of  Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold , the Columbine High School, murderers. Harris was pure evil and mentally ill with no religious interests whatsoever. Klebold was a follower who struggled with depression and probably a lot of other mental issues and had no religious interests either. They both seemed most motivated by violent video games, violent fantasy and glamorization of the Nazis.

The last murderer depicted in the meme is Ted Kaczynski, a/k/a the Unabomber. Kaczynski’s main targets were colleges and universities. He was raised by atheist parents and does not appear to have any ties to Christianity at any point in his life. He does however possess a PhD in mathematics and taught at the university level before slipping off the deep end.

A clean-cut Kaczynski while teaching at Berkeley
A clean-cut Kaczynski while teaching at Berkeley

With Romei’s tweet, we have an agnostic PhD, alleging that Christians are the ones doing the killing, when one of the killers pictured is a agnostic PhD. and none of the killers are Christian. Ironic isn’t it? Actually, I’m not sure Romei is agnostic. If he isn’t he is little better than confused about God, so that would effectively make him an agnostic even though he may claim to be a Christian.

But my point is this: Don’t buy the lie. Christians are not the aggressors in the U.S. or anywhere else. There are times when Christians may take up arms and fight but no Christian is going to walk around the parking lot of a strip mall and gun people down. No Christian is going to park a car bomb outside a federal building and indiscriminately murder innocent people. No Christian is going to walk into an abortin clinic with a gun and start shooting people.

Dr. Romei, Planned Parenthood and other liberals want you to believe Christians are evil because they think it helps their agenda. They want Robert Dear to be a Christian who had deep convictions about abortion so they can play the victim, silence their critics and rake in big donations from misguided progressives. But the fact is, Dear is just like all the other non-Christian nut jobs in the meme who decided to kill. Even if something in his mushy brain told him that Planned Parenthood was evil, his actions are totally contrary to all Christianity as well as the Pro-Life movement. Every Pro-Life advocate worth their salt has denounced violence toward fellow humans and we will always denounce it. It is absolutely impossible to call yourself Christian or Pro-Life and then support murder.

However, things like truth and facts don’t really matter to the liberals who want to push their agenda of abortion, oppression of religion and various other progressive ideologies. A great example of this separation from reality is this post from the Planned Parenthood Political Action Committee:

FullSizeRender (14)


 Oh the hypocrisy! 

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