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What the Biden/Harris Ticket Says About the Democratic Party

Pictured above, is Biden and Harris celebrating the surprising news that Harris will be his running mate in the November election. Apparently both were surprised by the news which was delivered to them moments earlier in an office cubicle in an undisclosed location which will hereafter be known as the “big reveal”

It says very disturbing stuff.

First of all, it says that Kamala Harris lacks character. Most Vice President picks have criticized their running mate in the past, because most VP’s are selected from presidential candidates. It is actually one of the only brilliant things about politics, as some truth actually comes out when candidates from the same political party are competing for one spot.

However, with Harris, it seems that a little too much truth came out. When Biden was accused of behaviors ranging from creepiness, to inappropriately touching, to sexual assault, by a number of women, Harris said that she believed them.

And now she is partnering with him? Waaaaa?

Harris, who is extremely intelligent, believes that Biden has sniffed, touched, groped, and sexually assaulted a number of women while serving in Congress, and now she’s perfectly fine with putting her name on his ticket? That speaks loudly and clearly about Harris’ character – she doesn’t have it.

Then there is Biden. This clearly shows that he is the weakest man to ever run for the presidency, and that is saying a lot after the Obama experiment. Birds of a feather… And I’m not just talking about his mental weakness, such as his forgetfulness, frequent bouts of confusion, stumbling over words, and his recent reluctance to venture out into public.

What in this makes Biden’s weakness so apparent? It’s not that he would only consider females as his running mate. It’s not that he would only consider a person of color as his running mate. It’s not that he has flip flopped on every issue which would have made him a scintilla less appealing to a liberal progressive voter. Those all make his weakness shine like the sun, but his selection of Kamala Harris as his running mate is basically a supernova of weakness.

Here are some of the many reasons: Harris’ criticisms of Biden are on point with the top issues destroying the country today. Whether it is racism, privilege, police brutality, or “Me Too”, Harris has sided against Joe Biden, and on a very personal level. Case in point is Biden’s treatment of women. Harris did not play it off and simply say that women need to be treated fairly when reporting assault, she said that she believed Biden’s accusers. Now Biden has selected her as the most capable person in the United States, to help him win in November.

The fact is, Biden is a bright smile with a dim wit, and the most radical factions within the Democratic Party, which seem to be controlling the Democratic Party, have ordained Harris as the next President of the United States. This would be the first puppet regime in American history.

It would also be the last puppet regime in American history, because it will mark the point at which the Constitution and the balance of power are replaced by an ideology which is totally hostile to the Constitution. Call it Marxism, Socialism, Fascism, or Communism, it does not matter. Chaos will ensue.

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One thought on “What the Biden/Harris Ticket Says About the Democratic Party

  1. Biden is week,and I think the Democrats know that .And they know he can’t serve his whole term ,so that will put the vise President in as President.,someone they control,And they can have there world 🌎 power the Democrats can make any law they want ,our lives will change.thats when you will ,will see the Antichrist.

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