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Islamophobia, Homophobia, SJW’s and Fake News

Radical Islamic Terrorism, Abortion Advocates, Antifas, Radical Feminists, Social Justice Warriors (SJW’s), Snowflakes, The Mainstream Media and Entertainment Industries and LGBT Activists…

All of these groups, and too many more to mention, have one objective: The destruction of Western Civilization. If you are reading this, you are probably a caucasion, Christian, heterosexual, American. Therefore, you should realize that you are the target of the above listed groups. You are not the center of the Bullseye though. Your children and grandchildren are actually the center of the Bullseye.

For more than 20 years, you have been taught to tolerate things that are contrary to your beliefs, preferences and values. You have been taught to be tolerant of other cultures, religions, lifestyles and behaviors. Being tolerant of these things is actually good, even virtuous. However, once we were thoroughly trained to be tolerant, each one of these groups changed the game on us. Now we are to be supportive, even to the point of advocacy. We are also supposed to teach our kids that the messages of these groups are much better, more compassionate and more true, than the message of Jesus Christ. If we can somehow twist the message of Christ to support homosexual behavior, abortion or euthanasia, all the better. If we are not supportive of these lifestyles and objectives, our elected officials are passing laws to force us to do so.

Let’s not do that, okay?

Islamophobia is really just a label that is supposed to shut you up. It is not a unique and isolated brand of bigotry. Those who say all Muslims are evil will say the same thing about all the other groups they dislike. In reality, they just dislike everything they don’t understand. However, it is right to point out that the Quran actually promotes violence, slavery (including sex slavery), extreme disrespect of women, rape and murder and that ISIS and the other Radical Islamic Terror groups are actually following the Quran when they do these things. The bombing at the concert in Manchester, England, is just fine according to the Quran. The annihilation of the Christian pilgrims in their tour bus in Egypt, you guessed it, that is seen as virtuous in the Quran.  This is why we need to stop worrying about being labeled as Islamophobic and simply speak truth. If people had not been worried about being labeled as Islamophobes, the San Bernardino massacre may not have happened, as neighbors to the terrorists reported being suspicious but they only spoke up only after the attacks occurred. They never contacted authorities with their suspicions prior to the attack because they feared the possible label of “Islamophobe”.

Were you appalled by the kidnapping of all the school girls in Nigeria, the Orlando massacre, 911? Those who adhere to the full and complete teachings in the Quran were not. Only the cafeteria Muslims were as shocked as the rest of the world. That’s right, we criticize Christians who pick and choose which teachings of the Bible are to be observed and we call them Cafeteria Christians. When a Catholic accepts some of what the Church teaches, but rejects the inconvenient teachings of Catholicism, we call them Cafeteria Catholics. But as far as the safety and security of the world goes, we are at the mercy of Cafeteria Muslims. If more of them decide to start accepting 100% of the Quran, there will be more war, more bloodshed and more death. So it is wrong to criticize Islam with a broad brush because there are millions of Muslims who are appalled by the terrorism and it is the Cafeteria Muslims who are most at risk of being killed by terrorism or have their children coerced into becoming terrorists. The Islamic Terrorists certainly hate us, but I suspect they hate nonviolent Muslims even more because they know these nonviolent Muslims are not following the Quran as closely as they are. The terrorists know that if they can recruit, attract or coerce more Cafeteria Muslims to the full teachings of the Quran, they can rule the entire world. Keep in mind they have a rich pool of candidates as there are currently well over 2 billion Muslims in the world.

Homophobia is another label invented to shut you up. However, it is good and right to point out that people who engage in the LGBT lifestyle are putting their health and their soul at risk. It is actually very evil to remain silent about the dangers of the LGBT lifestyle and it is even worse to support it or encourage it. If you knew I was 100 lbs overweight and that I have a history of serious heart disease in my family, you would not drive me to the bakery every morning so I could buy a dozen doughnuts. Or, if you did, you wouldn’t feel good about it.

The fact is, those who engage in the LGBT lifestyle have shorter lives, more illnesses (physical and mental), suffer from more prevalent addiction and are victimized by their own partners at higher rates than the rest of society. No doubt there are many members of the LGBT community who live long, healthy, safe and enjoyable lives, but I’m talking about likelihood here. It is most likely that a teenager or young adult who is entering the LGBT community today, will not live as long, as healthy, as safe and as happy, as he or she would live if he or she remained chaste and resisted the attractions that draw them to the LGBT lifestyle. You are not a homophobe to point these things out to others. You are showing exemplary love for the person by speaking out when you expect to receive disdain in return.

And what about all these Snowflakes and Antifas running around like they were spoiled children. Oh, wait, they are. I recently watched a video of an interview of Dr. Jordan Peterson which took place at Harvard. He sums this up perfectly:

Question: How do you think progress should be made in a world where we are freer than we have ever been…?

Jordan Peterson: This happened in the 60’s as far as I can tell, that we got this misty-gotten idea that the way to conduct yourself as a responsible human being was to hold placards up to protest, to change the viewpoints of other people and thereby usher in the Utopia. I think that’s all appalling. And I think it’s absolutely absurd that students are taught that that’s the way to conduct themselves in the world. First of all, if you’re 19 or 20, or 21, you don’t bloody well know anything. You haven’t done anything. You don’t know anything about history, you haven’t read anything, you haven supported yourself for any length of time. You’ve been entirely dependent on your state and on your family for the brief few years of your existence. And the idea that you have enough wisdom to determine how society should be reconstructed, when you are sitting in the absolute lap of luxury, protected by processes you don’t understand is absolutely … I mean it’s a… , okay so that’s a bad…, let’s call that a bad idea shall we. And then, the idea that what you should do to change the world is to find people who you disagree with and shake paper on sticks at them…

I think the protestors should shut up until they grow up. As if that is going to happen.

An undercurrent to all of this is abortion, contraception, pornography, human trafficking and the idea that women need to kill their babies or have sterile sex in order to “have it all” in the world. We’ve experimented with this theory since the mid-60’s, and I think we can easily say that American women are abused more frequently now than they have ever been, they are more unhappy, more likely to suffer from an STD, cancer, depression and addiction, and that they are still complaining about the glass ceiling (which is as nonexistent as it is invisible).

Pornography is an epidemic in the U.S., prostitution rings thrive on sex slaves who have been beaten and addicted into submission and single-parent homes are going to be the majority in the next few years.

Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood carefully rips babies, piece to piece, so they can harvest and sell their organs to grim reapers who run experiments that have produced absolutely no life-saving cures for the rest of us. Planned Parenthood has also sold corpses to companies who truck them to energy plants where they were used as fuel for public utilities. Planned Parenthood has also neglected to report suspicious cases in which young girls were impregnated by their abusers and taken to Planned Parenthood by the abusers, so the abortion could be performed, thereby eliminating the evidence of the crime. Oh, and don’t forget Dr. Kermit Gosnell. He murdered children and killed at least one mother in his Philadelphia abortion mill.

Tell me again why we are sending our taxes to Planned Parenthood? And how is it, that the Nebraska Legislature, Nebraska being one of the most politically conservative states in the Union, cannot muster enough votes to defund Planned Parenthood in Nebraska? I think the people of Nebraska need to speak up in the next election and remove each of the Planned Parenthood supporters from the Legislature. They clearly don’t care about facts. So if you live in the district of one of the following Nebraska Senators, please do all you can to see that they are retired from the Legislature as soon as possible, or if they are set to leave due to term limits that their replacement does not have a weakness for abortion. If they voted to continue funding Planned Parenthood, they are likely also supporters of LGBT activism and could be convinced to vote for physician assisted suicide, the legalization of marijuana, and many other things that are totally contrary to the values of the majority of Nebraskans. I also encourage you to call and email each of these Senators, to let them know that you are not impressed with their support of Planned Parenthood. It should be noted that four of the Senators listed below, were present but not voting, when the funding of Planned Parenthood was up for vote. I included these Senators on this list because their failure to vote was as good as vote to fund Planned Parenthood. We don’t elect people to ride the fence.

  1. Roy Baker, Dist. 30, Gage County and Southeast Lancaster County, Phone: (402) 471-2620 Email:
  2. Carol Blood, Dist. 3, Bellevue and Papillion, Phone: (402) 471-2627 Email:
  3. Kate Bolz, Dist. 29, Southeast Lincoln, Phone: (402) 471-2734 Email:
  4. Ernie Chambers, Dist. 11, Omaha, (402) 471-2612 (Ernie is superior to electronic communication) 😉
  5. Sue Crawford, Dist. 45, East & Southeast Sarpy County, Phone: (402) 471-2615 Email:
  6. Laura Ebke, Dist. 32, Southwest Lancaster County and all of Saline, Thayer, Jefferson and Fillmore Counties, Phone: (402) 471-2711 Email:
  7. Curt Friesen, Dist. 34, Nance, Merrick and Hamilton Counties and part of Hall County surrounding Grand Island, Phone: (402) 471-2630 Email:
  8. Mike Groene, Dist. 42, Lincoln County, North Platte, Phone: (402) 471-2729 Email:
  9. Matt Hansen, Dist. 26, Northeast Lincoln, Phone: (402) 471-2610 Email:
  10. Burke Harr, Dist. 8, Omaha, Phone: (402) 471-2722 Email:
  11. Sara Howard, Dist. 9, Omaha, Phone: (402) 471-2723 Email:
  12. Dan Hughes, Dist. 44, Southwest Nebraska, McCook, Phone: (402) 471-2805 Email:
  13. Rick Kolowski, Dist. 31, Southwest Omaha (Millard?), Phone: (402) 471-2327 Email:
  14. Mark Kolterman, Dist. 24, Polk, Seward and York Counties, Phone: (402) 471-2756 Email:
  15. Bob Krist, Dist. 10, North Douglas County, Phone: (402) 471-2718 Email:
  16. John McCollister, Dist. 20, Omaha, Phone: (402) 471-2622 Email:
  17. Mike McDonnell, Dist. 5, Southeast Douglas County, Phone: (402) 471-2710 Email:
  18. Adam Morfeld, Dist. 46, Lincoln, Phone: (402) 471-2720 Email:
  19. Patty Pansing-Brooks, Dist. 28, Lincoln, Phone: (402) 471-2633 Email:
  20. Dan Quick, Dist. 35, Grand Island, Phone: (402) 471-2617 Email:
  21. Merv Riepe, Dist. 12, South Omaha (Millard?), Phone: (402) 471-2623 Email:
  22. Jim Scheer, Dist. 19, Norfolk, Madison County, Phone: (402) 471-2929 Email:
  23. Paul Schumacher, Dist 22, Columbus, Platte County, Stanton County, Phone: (402) 471-2715 Email:
  24. John Stinner, Dist. 48, Scottsbluff, Phone: (402) 471-2802 Email:
  25. Tony Vargas, Dist. 7, Omaha, Phone: (402) 471-2721 Email:
  26. Lynne Walz, Dist. 15, Fremont, Dodge County, Phone: (402) 471-2625 Email:
  27. Justin Wayne, Dist. 13, Northeast Douglas County, Phone: (402) 471-2727 Email:
  28. Matt Williams, Dist. 36, Custer, Dawson and North Buffalo Counties, Phone: (402) 471-2642 Email:
  29. Anna Wishart, Dist. 27, Lincoln, Phone: (402) 471-2632 Email:

If I mistakenly listed a Senator who did not vote to fund Planned Parenthood, please let me know right away and I’ll edit this blog and apologize to that Senator for mistakenly including them on this list of shame.

You have to speak up. The fact is, you are surrounded by people who agree that Radical Islam is a scourge on humanity. You are surrounded by people who agree that tearing babies apart, limb by limb, and then selling the parts to others, is deplorable, even satanic. You are surrounded by people who do not want their children to put substances in their bodies that can harm them or to engage in behaviors that can harm them. You are surrounded by people who do not want to be lied to.

So it is our job to speak the truth, because right now, millions of Americans are only receiving the lies. Why is it that 3% of the population is spreading lies and changing minds while 50% of us are secretly disagreeing? Secretly. The small amount of abortion advocates, LGBT advocates, radical feminists and Snowflakes, aided by Fake News, are actually changing the way we act and they are changing the way some of us think. My friends, silence is consent. Talking to your children is a great way to start, but your children need to see you talking to others about this as well. Contact the Senators on the above list of shame, and let your children know you have done so.


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  1. You don’t have your facts correct on funding of planned parenthood. If you are not allergic to the truth, let’s discuss

    1. Absolutely Senator, I’d love to discuss it. I trust that if our discussion convinces you that you are incorrect, you will stop supporting Planned Parenthood and other abotion providers?

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